View Full Version : Tanking druid addons

05-25-2010, 07:50 PM
i wondered is there any special druid tanking addons of some sort that can show me CDs and studd like that?

05-27-2010, 07:38 AM
Ovale can do this, but you're basically doing a very simple priority list.

Single Target:
If Mangle is up, Mangle
If FFF is up, FFF
If Lacerate has less than 6 seconds left or less than 5 stacks, Lacerate
Otherwise, swipe.

What I do is just two different spamming patterns when i'm tanking single targets. First spam (in order) Mangle, FFF, Lacerate until you have 5 stacks of lacerate, then switch to spamming Mangle, FFF, Swipe until the lacerate stacks have 6 seconds left, and repeat. It's basically two button tanking if you have those two macroed, and Mangle and FFF will be used every cooldown. This will give you plenty of time to concentrate on the other boss mechanics. (Keep demo roar up too.)