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05-25-2010, 07:22 PM
Ok so i need some real tanking advice, i think ive got my gear and spec in order...but i tend to get killed real easy on most raid bosses. and this is a major problem. below i have my armory link, if someone could look at it and tell me what needs fixing so i dont die so damned easily, id really appreciate it.


05-25-2010, 07:49 PM
Hey there, I'm dgen - I'll try to help you as much as possible.

Respec to this (http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LAM00fZhZVItrx0didczsGo:TicoMm), the glyphs you should use are within the URL link also.

I can explain the reasoning for them if you'd like, just reply here if you want an explanation.

You should change the following, to the following, correspondingly;

* Cloak enchant - change it to +225 Armor. Armor provides EHP. EHP is your main focus.
* Chest enchant & chest gem - change the enchant to +275 Health and the 10 Agi / 10 Crit gem to 10 Defense / 15 Stamina OR 30 Stamina.
* Bracer gem - change the 10 Strength / 10 Defense gem to 30 Stamina.
* Glove enchant & glove gem - change the enchant to +240 Armor unless threat is currently a problem and change the 10 Agi / 10 Crit gem to 30 Stamina.
* Leg gem - change the 20 Agility gem to 10 Dodge / 15 Stamina.
* Boot enchant - change it to Tuskar's Vitality, the increased mobility will help extraordinarily with every situation.
* Ring gem - change it to 30 Stamina.
* Weapon gem - change it to 24 Stamina or 30 Stamina.
* Shield enchant - change it to 18 Stamina, you're way over the defense cap.

Everything else looks fine - again, if you're wondering why I suggested any of the above, reply here and ask me to explain, or PM me via. these forums.

I'll explain a few things since I have a few minutes to spare.

Warriors aim for EHP, which is Effective Hit Points - personally, I aim for Armor over Stamina, simply cause it provides pure damage reduction, meaning less incoming physical damage, resulting in less heals required as a whole.

You should try to gem;

- 30 Stamina in BLUE sockets.
- 10 Dodge / 15 Stamina in RED sockets that award +9 or more Stamina as a SOCKET BONUS.
- 30 Stamina in YELLOW sockets.

The only time you go against the above gemming 'rule' is when you're trying to meet your META requirements, even then, 99.99% of the time you'll be able to fulfill your META requirement whilst following said 'rule.'

Hope this has helped.

Kind regards,

~ dgen

05-25-2010, 07:57 PM
thank you both for the advice, im changing everything mentioned over right now