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05-25-2010, 12:15 PM
Hi welcome to Phoenix rising. We are a crackpot group of ya-hoos who knock down bosses like Fox cancels shows. We like long walks in naxx and enjoy sticking pointy things into large monsters. Our crack teams are run by family and friends and we have a central compound in Colorado, feel free to give us money and we will reserve a spot for you in the new utopia compound we have stockpiled for after the zombie Apocalypse.
If you are interested In joining up with us there are several ways to get more information. Our Gay-as-in-happy-not-gay-as-in-fu-fu Guild leader Ivaeathil and our Fail raid leader Jag will be more than happy to pretend to listen to you while they run around killing random 12 year olds who think gnomes are cool.
We are a casual guild so If you join with a significant other be prepared to share them. we /roll on each others significant others monthly and do not show favoritism. If you are a guy and end up getting a guy, tough luck, you still have to equip them *wink*
Icecrown is cleared in one ten man and heroics are being worked on. a second 10 man team is working on the mid wings. If you bring loot drama I will destroy you.