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05-25-2010, 10:54 AM
I think that i'm just about ready to enter icc 10 for the first time with my guild. I've been all over this site the last few days checking out advice, watching vids, learning fights, etc... I'm at a point that I have to change a gem or two or a trinket just for my peace of mind.
my toons link. http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone=us&server=Frostmane&name=bearbait

My expertise is lower than i would like so I'm thinking of swapping out a dodge gem or 2 for an expertise gem.
Trading out the seal of pantheon for the 128 Hit badge trinket as doing this will still keep me way above def cap.
I'm currently working on swapping out my range weapon with the badge weapon- blades of the sable cross

Please keep in mind that I don't expect to just walk in and beat the lich king on day one, but for just starting in ICC and hopefully picking up some gear along the way, what would you change befor you entered?

05-25-2010, 03:04 PM
Dont gem for hit or expertise, once you get into icc it will start to come on gear. Instead of getting the 128 hit trinket i recommend getting Glyph of Indomitability which will provide you with some very nice armor, which is great for icc as most fights are physical.
You can current get rid of ~108 defense rating (this number isnt the most accurate so be careful when doing it) and still stay uncrittable, so id recommend a few changes.
Bearing in mind with the trinket change that leaves us with ~43 defense rating we can play around with
Enchants: Change the shoulder enchant to 20 Stamina and 15 resilience, this will provide with more health and allow you to drop to 536 defense
Gloves: Heavy Borean Armor kit can put 18 stamina on gloves, instead of your current enchant.
I'm gonna go onto other Enchants later because u can gain more health through gems than changing some enchants bearing in mind we have to keep you uncrittable.
helm: i personally would change that 20 defense gem to a 10 defense 15 Stamina, rather than a 30 stamina because it is only a loss of 3 stamina.
Shoulder: a 30 stamina gem would be favorable here as the socket bonus is only 6 Stamina.
Chest: each non-blue gem here is giving 6 stamina, so the same as the shoulder really, therefore 3 30 stamina gems would be once again favorable.

After these changes weve got ~13 Defense rating left to play around with so other changes were gonna have to be careful about.

Bracers: the 30 stamina gem is once again favorable, but this would make you vunerable to crits. I would change this to 10 defense 15 stamina for the time being, but try and get it to 30 Stamina when you have the chance.
Gloves: 10 all stats doesnt do much for a tank, i would change it to 30 stamina, especially as the 10 stats gem isnt getting you a socket bonus.
Belt: 20 dodge gems are not that useful, would change to a 10 dodge 15 Stamina to make your meta active as its your best Socket bonus needing only 1 hybrid gem.
Legs: Your legs would be in best use with 3 30 Stamina gems, however this would make you vulnerable to crit's and also, I would change to either 30 Stamina or 10 dodge 15 Stamina, depending if you want the socket bonus, and keeping the 20 defense gem to stay uncrittable. Once again, when you get the chance change it all to 3 30 stamina gems.
Your ring and gun obviously need changed to epic, but if you dont plan on keeping them long don't worry too much about it.

I advise you check over the numbers as they may be a bit wrong because i rounded them so i didn't have to deal with decimal numbers and good luck in icc.