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05-25-2010, 02:00 AM
im going to lay it out flat, i am lost! im raising my shamin and resently made the switch from ele to enhanc i am currently lvl 71 about to be 72 and i need help with everything spec rotationg glyphs enchants gems and the main stats i should be looking for (like do i want to focuse on streingth nd agility or favor one over the other?) idk all help is greatly apriciated also if thare is a list of crafted armor or wepons that r better then greens from the auction house that would be help ful too nd sorry no armory link ill post when im not on my cell

05-25-2010, 03:25 AM

copy that spec, use windfury on both weapons till 80 then windfury/flametounge
You can stack haste or AP i like haste. as for as "rotation" just keep SS LavaLash and Earth Shock on CD and lightning bolt with 5 MW

05-25-2010, 03:44 AM
http://www.wowhead.com/talent#hVhhVbZhbxsoxdIhusRuVo is more or less the spec you want to aim for as a fresh 80. Improved Fire Nova is a required talent nowadays, not only for trash/5-mans but also for raid bosses.

For glyphs, Feral Spirit and Stormstrike are the required two. I prefer Windfury for my third glyph, although you can experiment with some other options if you like. The Feral Spirit glyph in particular may not seem so hot on its face, but if you're popping wolves on every boss in a 5-man (and sometimes on trash, depending on which instance you're in) it translates into a lot of damage.

I'm not so sure about using dual Windfury. Using WF on your offhand wastes the proc (because WF has an internal cooldown of... I forget, it's a few seconds though, so by having an offhand WF proc you're essentially settling for 1/2 of the possible WF damage), plus Flametongue does a lot of damage (the spellpower helps quite a bit too). I would stick with WF/FT, although there may be some leveling mechanic I'm not aware of - been a while since I leveled.

You want to get two slow one-handed weapons. Slower the better, then stack attack power and haste. It seems weird to aim for a slow weapon then stack haste, but the reasoning makes sense - for one, your Flametongue Weapon hits are dependant on your weapon speed (slower = bigger hit) but haste will not affect the amount that each hit deals, just the time between them. Likewise, Windfury Weapon is dependant on weapon speed (again slower = bigger hit) but the more haste you have, the higher chance to proc Windfury. And also, Flame Shock scales with haste nowadays.

Once you hit 80, focus on getting to 26 expertise (gonna have to gem a lot of it) first and foremost, then worry about the spell hit cap. After that, haste and AP all the way - other stats (like agility, crit, or armor penetration) of course are helpful, but not as important. Don't wear strength gear as a shaman, it's a waste.

For a rotation, it's pretty complicated. Keep up your Lightning Shield (it's ok to use Water Shield for questing and stuff though), keep up your Fire totem (usually Magma), Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning if you have 5 Maelstrom Weapon stacks, Fire Nova if multiple mobs, Stormstrike, put up Flame Shock (and if Flame Shock is already up, use Earth Shock), then finally Lava Lash or Fire Nova (if only 1 mob). I may have it a bit out of order but that's the general gist of it.

One thing I highly recommend is an addon such as ShockandAwe. Having those cooldowns visualized for you helps a lot, as does the big blinking bar when you hit 5 Maelstrom stacks (or the warning the middle of your screen when your shield or weapon imbues fall off).