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05-24-2010, 05:46 PM
Vengeance is currently 11/12 ICC 25 with extensive LK attempts and we are at a near kill. We are looking for exceptional, mature, seasoned raiders who know the mechanics of their class and are ready to get into 25 man ICC hardmode content.

Vengeance as a guild represents team work helpfulness, friendship and conquering WoW content. We strive to be the best we can be in a raid environment and come together as a team to over come the challenges of wow and its content.
As such there are a few guild lines that will help in ensure these goals are met.
Be a team be helpful to guildies. Do what you can to improve and strive to do your best.
Have fun make friends and relax.
Real life comes first ALWAYS in this guild. So if stuff comes up it comes up their will never be a penalty for that.
We are a mature guild and thus expect that all members act in a respectful way towards other members and also the realm mates of our wow community. NOT doing this will result in a swift and immediate removal from the guild.
While Vengeance is a team guild and not a “hard core “guild we are hard core raiders. We like to win and to work as a team to over come the games challenges. We have a training atmosphere here in Vengeance. We expect our members to always be improving there game play class structure and rotations and over all strategies to ensure and fulfill our potential as a team

Raiding Times:
Tue / Wed / Fri

7:30-10:30 pm EST / ServerTime

We are actively recruiting:

Resto Shaman

As always, exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply!

Feel free to contact JusticeSword (GM)


Head over to www.vengeance.guildweb.info (http://www.vengeance.guildweb.info)