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05-24-2010, 02:50 PM
Happy Hour is a 10 man strict guild. This means our focus is on clearing all 10 man hard modes and achievements, with the ultimate goal of being the best 10 man only raiding guild on the server. We chose to become a 10 man strict guild because we believe a tighter bond and greater challenge comes from the smaller core of players a 10-man raid provides.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday, 8 -11 CST. This does not mean invites start at 8, this means we are pulling trash or attempting to kill a boss by 8 ST.

We are a good group of people but take the game and raiding very seriously and expect the same of any recruit.
If You Are Applying…
• You have been playing WoW and/or other MMOs for at least one year.
• You have at least 6 months of total raiding experience.
• You are looking for a long-term Guild with a tight-knit membership core with years of high-end raiding experience and exclusive focus on 10-man content.
• You are confident in your abilities when playing your roles in WoW, but remain open to suggestion and improvement and keep up to date on class changes.
• You posses situational awareness, meaning you can avoid fire, void zones and other bad stuff while still performing your duties fully.
• You are mature; in spirit if not age.

What we are recruiting:
Holy Pally and/or Disc Priest
Shadow Priest
Warrior or Druid Tank

As always, if your class or spec isn’t listed here but believe you are an exceptional player, we are always interested in talking to you. Most of our members are proficient at playing other specs so our raid makeup is flexible depending on what we have available.

You can apply by going to happyhour.guildomatic.com or if you would prefer you can talk to myself (Oroduin) or Oroqen in game.