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05-24-2010, 01:22 PM
<Progenitus> on Rexxar is looking for devoted, long term raiders interested in improving the core of a guild already pushing for top rankings on the server. If your not going to be playing up to and into Cataclysm then don't read any further.

Quick Intro
Site: http://progenitus.guildlaunch.com
Progression: 5/12 ICC25HM {}{} 9/12 ICC10 HM
Raid Times: M-TH 8 - 11 CST
Loot System: Epgp

Current Needs*
We are currently recruiting players of any Ranged DPS class and spec to build the strongest possible roster for Cataclysm. Players are expected to have experience and gear to match our current progression though some leniency is given.

*These are for core spots; we don't recruit for the bench.
If your class is not listed but you feel you are an above average player than your strongly encouraged to apply regardless of our current needs.

About Us
<Progenitus> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Rexxar-PvE server.

We are 9/12 in HM ICC10 and 5/12 in HM ICC25. We also have several members who are ranking in the top 200 dps/hps/tps in the world on World of Logs and will continue to do so as we continue to progress.

What we expect
- - Attendance; If your not going to show up to raid every night, barring emergencies, then you're looking at the wrong guild. We don't recruit for the bench so our members are held to the highest standards of attendance.
- - Raid Awareness; The fire does not increase your dps by 100%.
- - Maturity; If you can't take jokes or criticism, or enjoy trolling the forums or trade chat then this is not the guild for you. Any actions that can be seen as showing a negative light on the guild tag will be handled quickly.
- - Willingness to improve; If your not putting in the time to read theorycraft and maximize your character as much as possible, then we're not putting in the time to give you a raid spot.
- - Ability; We are looking for players who can play their class and spec to the best of its ability, not just the best of theirs.

What you can expect
- - You can expect a guild filled with people who share the same mindset about raiding and exhibit the above values to the best ends possible.
- - Since we are still rather new, players have a opportunity to become the "original core" of players that exist in every long running progression guild. The camaraderie that oomes with this is up for anyone willing to join.
- - Players of Member rank and higher also enjoy free raid repairs during progression nights as well as highly discounted raid consumables, enchanting mats, and guild provided fish feasts.

Contact us:
Please go to our website [progenitus.guildlaunch.com] to apply.
If you have any more questions find Babylonius, Lives, Ekoe or Leonidás(ALT-160) in-game, or email progenitusguild@gmail.com