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Souls Wings
05-24-2010, 12:44 PM
Hey all, I have another tanking question, perhaps not a traditional one this time though. Thanks to advice for Festergut my 10 man was able to breeze though 2nd wing, dreamwalker and all the trash in between, now we're on Blood prince council, and we're stuck again.

I'm MT and I have a wariorr OT, and Im trying to use my lock as the Kelseth tank. That's where we're having problems though. Everything else is great, positions, awareness, keeping kinetic bombs up, avoiding shockwaves etc...

My Lock is having an incredibly hard time on kelseth though, he can't pick up the orbs, says his dots dont cause them to latch on to him, he has a hard time finding them and as soon as kelseth goes active he loses aggro and everyone starts getting one shotted.

We had about 10 tries on the council and everything else was ironed out, but once Kelseth goes active he immediately smacks me and the shaman healer, and then starts on everyone else.

I shouldn't even have aggro on the guy, and the Shammy just has heal aggro. I'm having my hunter MD to him, and having him use Searing pain as often as he can.

we brainstormed and can't figure out the problem, I need help from other locks or ranged classes out there who've done it. I also have a shadow priest and a very high dps mage, should I use one of them? Everyone seems to say locks are better.

Should he go aflock? Demo? How do I get him to keep aggro?

Thanks in advance!

Here's his armory page in case anyone wants to look at his gear/talents: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blackhand&cn=Cryptoe
(He might have his pvp gear equipped just look at his other spec)

05-24-2010, 01:57 PM
We tried using the warlock tank and just had oodles of problem. If you have well-geared tanks, the buff allows you to have one tank on Kel and one on the other two. We have our paladin tanking Keleseth and running around after the orbs, and our warrior on the other two bosses. Our healing setup is the disc priest devoted to the paladin, me (resto shaman) completely and utterly focused on the warrior, and the resto druid healing the raid when people take damage and healing whichever tank is tanking the 'active' boss. When Keleseth is active and beating on the paladin, she is getting attention from the other two healers and I WILL NOT heal anyone but the warrior tank because he requires constant attention from one healer.

05-24-2010, 03:27 PM
We acutally don't use a Warlock tank for 10 man, either. We use our two Regular tanks. We use a pally (Me) to tank Keleseth and a druid to tank the other two. It worked out sooo much better! Give it a try!

05-25-2010, 04:03 AM
We acutally don't use a Warlock tank for 10 man, either. We use our two Regular tanks. We use a pally (Me) to tank Keleseth and a druid to tank the other two. It worked out sooo much better! Give it a try!

This is how I usually do the fight when I'm tanking on my Pally. Hammer of Wrath the boss for threat (it's ok to get into melee range once in a while too, get up a few SoV stacks), then you have Holy Frisbee and Exorcism to grab orbs at range (or just run up and melee them once). It's slightly more difficult on my end but the risks of tank death are much smaller.

05-25-2010, 05:16 AM
we use 2 tanks too on that encounter pally tank on the 2 princes and me (druid) on keleseth

05-25-2010, 11:10 AM
My guild does it the same as those mentioned above in 10 man. As a DK, I tank the two bosses and our Druid tank takes Keleseth.

In 25 man we have a Paladin and Druid on the other two bosses and I tank Keleseth (again, as a DK). I have 66K health and Anti-Magic Shell if I need it... IT and DG are wonderful for grabbing the orbs, IT especially. Also, spamming IT on Keleseth every time I get a chance is nice because IT gives so much threat.

You just have to be very explicit to your raid to NOT cleave or AoE when they're DPSing Keleseth. Remember, it's not a DPS race, so if you have to nerf your DPS a little bit on Keleseth and just nuke the other two bosses, do it that way, it's the safe way!

05-25-2010, 11:53 AM
Echoing what was said above, we use the 2 tank strategy.

For keleseth, you DO have to maintain threat on him (which as a warrior means running over and beating on him between orbs). Also i found that simple direct damage was enough for the orbs. In my case I wasnt using dots, but a shot from my gun was enough to get them to latch on to me. Taunting did not work reliably though to latch them onto me.

I tend to try to build threat at the beginning and throughout the fight as much as possible, then when he powers up I actually stand a ways off (since he just stands still and casts if you are in range) so that incidental AoE will not hit the orbs.

05-26-2010, 01:34 AM
I have regularly tanked this on 10 and 25 man on my warlock with relative ease so it is possible. I've even done it in PvP gear, in PvE gear, with soul link, and without all successfully. I would recommend using soul link and pvp gear if your warlock has it at least initially until they get more comfortable with the fight.
There are really only 2 spells that they will need, Searing pain set on focus casting on the boss (with and initial application of curse of elements), and curse of agony for snatching up the orbs. They need at least 3 orbs on them at all times else they will get insta-gibbed by the boss when he empowers. Feel free to range all over the room to pick up orbs as that is their most important job. Spamming searing pain on the boss in between.
Only time threat could be an issue is if for some reason Keleseth is empowered second and the orbs decided to spawn all far away from each other. If the orbs drift off the warlock, or any tank for that matter it is because the melee or ranged are tab targeting and/or cleaving it (chain lightning multi-shot ect. = bad).
There is the downside of having a melee tank on that prince. I have also regularly tanked him with my DK on 10 mans, using icy touch and death coil to pick up the orbs when not whacking the boss, and one of the things I learned is when he empowers the melee tank need to just back off and use ranged attack otherwise when the melee move in their cleave attacks will rip the orbs right off of you.

05-26-2010, 03:00 AM
I'll ask my guilds main warlock how she does it, it never seemed much of a problem for her.