View Full Version : US [A-PvE-EST] <Paragon> 9/12 ICC25 Hardmode LFM

05-24-2010, 02:10 AM
<Paragon> on Stormrage, a PvE EST server, is looking to add a couple of full-time raiders to our ranks to anticipate the fluctuation of raiders' schedules during the summer (vacations, RL priorities, etc.).

Our members have a vast amount of raiding experience - most have raided content stemming back to the early days of Molten Core, BWL, AQ40, and even into the original Naxxramus. While our resume does not reveal world first kills or achievements accomplished by no other, what does grant us a modicum of pride is that we achieved our goals of progression on a lightly populated RP server before attunements were lifted and outgearing instances was possible. We have since transferred to a highly populated, high alliance server (Stormrage) in order to continue with our progression.

We have a strong raiding core, and our players are talented and multi-faceted. As such, we are rather flexible in filling out our raids. So, if you have an interest in raiding, playing with good people, and moving through new content, please check us out and apply.

Recruiting - All Excellent Apps - Open to ALL classes

Website - Paragon of Stormrage (http://www.paragonstormrage.org) (Follow Instructions)
In-Game Contacts - Mattgt, Sinfulness, Qortana, Candybar, Kaelanī, Adairan

Schedule -
M-Th 25 Raid 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (EST)
F 10 Raid 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (EST) -- Not Required but encouraged

Current Progression - Currently working on Sindragosa Hardmode in both 10man and 25man
ICC 10 H - 9/12
ICC 25 H - 9/12