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05-23-2010, 04:11 PM
hey guys

for some kid of reason i keep getting shitty dps with my fury warrior...

i just use the normal fury rotation of:
Bloodthirst + heroic strike (macro)
slam (if procs ofc)
bloodthirst + heroic strike (macro)

in ICC rage isn't really a problem so
(basicly when i'm above 50 to 60 rage i use heroic strike)
(o yea and i got 1 empty glyph what should i put in there? execute?)
i have some ICC gear, including brynntroll and oxheart, but can't seem to get above 3.5k dps in 10mans and 4.5k dps in 25mans, what the hell am i doing wrong?

please tell me if i need some other gems or something cuz i don't know xD

05-23-2010, 04:18 PM
EXP is only 20; I think the cap is like 26 .. Even behind a mob, while the can't parry, they still can dodge, and exp mitigates this.

Gem an EXP and eat some worm(wyrm)steak to gain extra 40 EXP. This should put you at 26

05-23-2010, 04:20 PM
well, for a starter your expertise is low, you need 44 rating more. Your cloak could be replaced with the ilvl 213 one, and be enchanted. Head got no enchant, Feet got no enchant, and your offhand don't got an enchant. That's what i just pick up on, maybe some of the more experienced fury-warriors can find something else.

05-23-2010, 04:24 PM
i know about the enchants, i'm a little short on money so... and i'm trying to get more EXP but it hard so got to gem for it... and that's all? nothing with ArP or something?

05-23-2010, 04:43 PM
You need to google a tool RAWR, it helps you customize your gear.

EXP cap is critical.

ArP has either a SOFT or HARD cap

Hard Cap - comes from gear / chants + gems and is like 1400

Soft Cap - is 726. if you have one of the 3 trinks ( I.E. Needle Encrusted Scorp ) that when procs, increases you ArP drastically to 1400.

05-23-2010, 06:02 PM
okay so... now i've enough exp (26/29 cuz i'm a human so special abi) what's next? (also got rawr) have some new gems and enchants now so just follow rawr? cuz it still says i need to gem exp... with 20 exp gems xD

05-24-2010, 07:24 AM
First remove the HS macro from your BT, NEVER MACRO HS NEVER please remove it and manual use HS its not that tough 30 minutes of dummy practice is all you need.

1. 50 AP to bracers ( I always thought skinning had their own profession bracer enchants ?? )
2. Berserking on both weps (you need this nao !!)
3. If possible put Tuskarr's vitality on boots (Yes the run speec enchant, you will need it in ICC )

Hands: Make it str + crit if yellow socket or else 20 str if any other color.


Mark is a BAD trinket for you, you dont need hit (remember all you need a fury is 164 hit), here is what you should try for (in order of ease to get)

1. Banner of Victory from ToC 5 man normal
2. NES from HFOS
3. WFS from LDW 10
4. DBW from Saurfang 25 man

Frost emblems:-

Your next purchase should be the cloak, you need it badly(plus once you get the cloak you can take out some exp gems for str). After that go for 2 pc t10 bonus by replacing Helm and shoulders. After that get Gatecrasher Gauntlets and the leather belt.


"HS" should be the third glyph it will give you way more rage than Unbridled Wrath talent but if you dont want that than either Execute or Rend (only if you stance dance and put rend up) should be the third glyph.
I assume you have a ret pally doing might always in raids other wise spec'ing into commanding pres/booming voice and keeping battle shout up will give you more dps than unbridled wrath.


1. Rage management, HS more but take care of your rage. NEVER DELAY WW or BT they should be used as soon as they come off CD, delay Slam proc or HS just to make sure your BT and WW go off ASAP.
2. Coldowns: Deathwish/Recklessness they are short and can be used twice in many boss fights use them wisely when most of the procs are up.
3. Potions: Prepot an indestructible potion like 2 seconds before pull and then pot another one once that expires. IIRC its about 93 free AP.

This is all the help I can give now, anything more is probably your rotation and can only be judged with a log or a parse report like WMO or WoL.