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05-21-2010, 09:46 AM
Information on Something Novel

Realm: Blackrock (PvP - Horde - PST)
Raid Times: Tuesday - Thursday 8PM - Midnight PST (We will semi-frequently raid Monday 8-12 during progression, and 10-mans are generally conducted outside of normal raid times while we progress.)

Why Something Novel may be the Guild for you:
Although we are a relatively young guild (we formed at around the time ToGC opened up), we have shown ourselves to be competitive, competent and fast-progressing right from the very start. While still very much under construction we managed a US top 100 Insanity kill, and we're postured to take a considerably higher rank when the dust settles in ICC. That said, our guild is composed mostly of people who don't particularly want to completely abandon a healthy life/video-games balance, and virtually no one is plagued by the headset-throwing elitist prickhole mentality that is so prevalent in competitive raiding guilds. Our member-base is extremely tight knit and the decision about whether or not to keep you on as a raider will be based as much on whether you contribute to the drama-free, nerd-rage-free atmosphere as how well you push your buttons. Oh yeah, and we have free repairs for members and a tabard with a carebear on it!

Why Something Novel may NOT be the Guild for you:
You are prone to nerd rage. You have extremely thin skin and/or cannot immediately step up and say "I fucked up. It won't happen again" when the pretty ground-candy convinces you to stand in it. You dislike constant random bullshit being talked about on vent (ranging from in-earnest discussions of whether it's possible to make PvE frost work through stupid gimmicks on gimmick fights, to whether or not midget porn is okay if the midgets are dressed up as oompa loompas). Lastly, and most importantly, if you don't think that it's your responsibility to have absolutely every element of your toon min/max'd, 2 PvE specs ready to go for every raid night, a willingness to respec in the name of shifting 1 point to better the raid on zero notice, and (especially in the case of hybrids) commit yourself to maintaining at least 2 sets of gear for 2 different specs and maintain a good understanding of how to play both specs, then this is probably not the guild for you.

How to Apply:
If you think that Something Novel may be a place you'd like to raid then I strongly encourage you to visit www.something-novel.com (http://www.something-novel.com/) and put an apply in our application forums. If you have any questions or you'd prefer to apply privately, please send a PM to Ketrew.

Thanks very much for your interest in SN, and GL apping!