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05-18-2010, 08:04 PM
This 2+ year old guild is currently working on filling spots balance gaps in our 25 man progression weekend raiding. Our guild is looking for friendly progression oriented adult players available for weekend raids. Primary 25 man raid times are Fri and Sat evening (9:00est - 11:30 est) raids.

Given that we raid 25 man content approximately 5 hours per week we all value our limited raiding time, but also value our family, job and other real life commitments. Only raiders committed to making the most of this limited playing time by being dependable and productive members should apply. Our raiding team consists largely of former guild leaders and former hard core raiders looking for a less taxing raiding schedule.

As mentioned above our current raiding schedule consists of:
Fri (9:00pm - 11:30pm) ICC 25 man
Sat (9:00pm - 11:30pm) ICC 25 man

We do have three 10 man groups currently operating in ICC which have their own individual needs. 10 man slots will be found for all interested active raiders depending on class and schedule requirements. Each group is unique, so posting specifics here would just be information overload. Details of 10 man and non-ICC activities will be discussed during the application process.

As a guild we are currently 7/12 25 man and 11/12 10 man. We currently have our eye towards resolving raid balance and availability issues in our 25 man to further progression at a more rapid pace.

Specific needs currently include:
- Shadow Priest
- Disc Prist
- Enhancement Shaman
- Death Knight (Frost DPS)
- Feral Druid (Cat)
- As with almost any group exceptional players of any class/spec will be considered.

Application Process:
As part of our application process we want to make sure that every raider in our group is a positive match with both personality and skill. In order to ensure this we utilize a three part application process which ensures that the applicant gets a chance to learn about us at the same time that we are learning about them. If you are interested in applying to Noble Assembly you will be asked to complete the following steps.

- Apply on guild website, visit http://www.na-arygos.com to post an application, while you are there take some time to look around and learn about our guild
- Participate in 1-2 trial raids
- Interview with 2-3 guild officers, this discussion will include summary of guild processes and rules.

If you are interested in more information before beginning the application process please whisper or mail one of the following officers in game

We look forward to hearing from new and interesting players!