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05-18-2010, 05:24 AM
Info at a glance
Website: www.cleaveguild.com (http://www.cleaveguild.com)
Faction: Alliance
Realm: US Stormreaver
Raid Times: Tu-Th 8 pm to 11:30 pm
Raid Progression: 6/12 hard modes 25-man ICC, 10/12 hard modes 10 man ICC

Who is Cleave?
Cleave is a 25-man oriented raiding guild; we're not looking to be a blood and tears hardcore guild, but we do want to finish content, including raid achievements where possible, consistently before the next tier of content comes out. Many of our players have experience in high-end raiding. Our members range from people new in Wrath to players who have played since the vanilla beta.

Who are we looking for?
Cleave is looking for consistent and talented raiders to help us push through Icecrown hard modes, and then on into the upcoming expansion. We're looking for players who are dedicated, patient, and willing to do what's best for the guild; players who enjoy multiple aspects of the game, who enjoy participating with guildmates outside of raid time. Can you stay online and have fun even when you don't get a raid spot? Do you go all out to be the best when you are raiding? You might just be a fit.

Raid Info
Cleave's scheduled raids are Tuesday through Thursday, 8 pm Central (server) time through 11:30 pm server time. We're currently 6/12 hard modes in 25-man ICC, and 10/12 hard modes in 10-man ICC.

Application Info
If you think you might be a fit for our guild, please visit www.cleaveguild.com (http://www.cleaveguild.com) to find our guild policies and application template. Be sure to read our guild policies before applying, nothing is more disappointing than to have to dismiss an otherwise promising application simply because you did not read the guild policies.
Thanks for your interest and we hope to see your application soon!