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05-14-2010, 09:53 AM
Guild: Gnome Pest Control Inc
Server: Laughing Skull, EUROPE
Faction: Horde
Language: English
Battlegroup: Raserei / Frenzy
Contacts: Atriumi, Zikz, Brawl, Aerach, Grief
Website: http://www.gnomepest.com (http://www.gnomepest.com/)

Who are we?

Gnome Pest Control has existed since the release of WoW and is currently the oldest raiding guild on Laughing Skull, formed a couple of days after the realm went live in 2005. The guild was a hardcore raiding guild in Vanilla, where the guild had realm first on several bosses in BWL and AQ40 (Twins + C'Thun Realm First).

We would like to achieve those times again for Wrath and Cataclysm as we have people with the skill and knowledge to push for it now. Some call us a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild but we emphasize efficiency in our raids to minimize downtime and maximize progression without sacrificing the great community we've made for ourselves over the last 5 years.

Out of our vanilla crew we still have a dozens of oldschool players forming our raiding core. Most of them being active veterans of the game or forming the core of our current officer team. So far we have reached all the goals that we have set for ourselves in past and in present. With continuous and successful progression the core aim and ethic of the guild.


- Any X-realm applicants ready for LK 25 HM

- Priority recruitment is currently on: Druid, Hunter, Priest and Warlock.

Raiding Schedule

Our raiding days are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, where we raid from 19:00 - 23:00 server time (GMT+1), sometimes we might go on for a bit longer, but usually we do not drag it out for more than an hour over 23.00. Friday and Tuesday are the days we have chosen to raid 10 man content, although these raids are entirely optional. Currently GPCI members form a large part of a weekend PUG to ICC 25 with alts and other members of top guilds on the server; this allows us an active role in the development of the server as a whole and further strengthens the community spirit.

What we can offer you

- A solid raiding guild with experience from endgame Vanilla, TBC & WOTLK.

- The opportunity to chase Realm Firsts without being tied to a 24/7 hardcore schedule.

- A friendly and experienced raid environment

- A motivated raiding guild who seek to progress and have fun in and out of the game world.

- A continuingly growing and expanding roster in that is able to face the requirements of the newest hardmodes, in terms of group setup and best performance.


Icecrown Citadel:
11/12 - 25 man Heroic, LK 64% HM attempts.
11/12 - 10 man Heroic, LK 54% HM attempts (with Champion of ICC mount achi)
Clear 10 + 25

Trial of the Grand Crusader 25 Heroic:
5/5 + Insanity

Additional Achievements of Note:

- Glory of the Raider (pre-mount removal)

- Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 man and 25 man)

- Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 man)

Requirements for joining

- Able to join 3 out of the 4 25 man raids each week.

- To prioritize PvE.

- The high raiding experience.

- To know your gear, gem and enchant it properly. It is highly recommended you consult our class leaders in private if you have any doubts about your current choices.

- Able to use ventrilo and listen to your assignments. Having a mic isn't a must, but it's recommended. Due to the important nature of tank roles, if applying as a Tank, active use of a microphone is necessary.

- To be a mature person, preferably being 18 or above.

- To Share our sense of humour, as we like to keep our community up to a top quality where as everyone feels welcome and enjoys the game.

- Be able to handle criticism during a raid, adaptable to new tactics and able to avoid repeating mistakes.

We are expecting all of our recruits to have the correct amount of knowledge on their class and spec. And applicants are expected to keep updated with the newest patches and changes to their respective class, for convenience of all, if you do not intend to raid with us in a fun but committed manner please don't waste our time and yours by making an application.

If this sounds like the right guild for you, don't hesitate in applying!


The GPCI Team.