View Full Version : EU [A] 10Man requires members for 3 nights a week raiding. <Ten>

05-12-2010, 11:48 AM
<Ten> is a 10 man / 3 night a week raiding guild with an emphasis on quality and community.

<Ten> is a guild comprised of raiders who have found that we cannot or are unwilling to devote 4/5 nights a week to raiding. That's not to say we haven't done that in the past - our roster contains EQ veterans and fully 'paid up' raiders - but we created this guild to escape average 25 man guilds in order to make a truly great 10 man guild.

So far, we have a tight roster with a social and communal atmosphere where playing the game to the highest level is our goal. As with any 10 man guild we find ourselves in need of a couple of players (2-3) to ensure that we can always field a balanced raid group.

We were all very happy to hear about 10 and 25 man finally going to equal terms in Cataclysm. However, we have unfinished business with WoLK first!

To that end , we are recruiting :

High need.

1x Ranged DPS or Feral Druid.

We find ourselves in desperate need for battleres or Soulstones ; to that end a Druid of any type or a warlock (any spec) would be all of our birthdays come at once.

Medium Need

1 Offtank/Capable offspec tank - Druid or DK best as we have a Warrior/Paladin team at the moment.

About the guild :

We raid 3 nights a week on progression (now, for instance) - Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Raids begin at 20:30 server time (19:30 GMT) and finish 11:30/12:00 server time (10:30/11) GMT depending on how close we are to the kill.

Our ethos is 'expect and respect' - we expect people to know the fight mechanics and a high level of class skill. We expect you to be familiar with utilities such as spreadsheets or RAWR and to at least keep up to date with EJ/Codeplex.

In return we respect each other and do not second guess each other in raids. We have no officer corp and every decision is taken with as much input as possible from everyone in the guild. You will not find any officer drama or loot council here - everyone is equal.

Want to apply?

If you want to apply our website can be found at http://www.ten-guild.net/phpBB3/index.php (http://terenas-ten.guildlaunch.com/)

Feel free to find us on Terenas itself - anyone in guild can advise you about the next steps.