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05-12-2010, 03:54 AM
The guild Epiphany on Twilight’s Hammer EU is recruiting members for Lich King Hard-mode, Cataclysm and beyond. We've currently cleared 11/12 in ICC hard-mode.

Current Needs.


We will consider exceptional applications from any class. If you think you're better than what we have, make an application.

At the moment we're actively looking for the following:

1x Holy Paladin
1x Holy/Discipline Priest

1x Marksman Hunter
1x Warlock

We will of course consider exceptional applications from any class/spec.

About the guild.

Epiphany has been around since midway through The Burning Crusade, July 4th 2008 to be exact. With a lot of its members having played together earlier than that. The majority of the guild has been playing since that time; we have a very low turnover for a guild at the level we are at. We believe this is mainly down to our emphasis on enjoying the game and the people we play with, rather than the elitist attitude that a lot of raiding guilds possess.

To show our history in terms of achievements I’ll list our successes:

- Kil'Jaeden killed pre-nerf
- Naxx, Sartharion and Malygos downed few days after wotlk release
- Sartharion 3 Drakes downed December 16th
- Ulduar normal cleared in first few days of release
- Ulduar hard modes cleared, unlocked Algalon as world 182
- Downed Algalon as World 137
- A Tribute to Insanity as World 199

As can be seen we've improved with each new instance and we aim to improve further. We aren't content with our current success, we're aiming to garner a reputation for excellence and improve on our world rankings, but most importantly to continue having fun raiding with people we like to play with.

We are a small group of highly motivated players. Our current roster consists of 32 people and we aim to keep our group small. This means we expect a certain level from our members. Our fundamental goal has always been to maintain a high level of play within our set raiding schedule.

We do not raid into the early hours of the morning to get a kill, we rarely if ever change our raiding schedule and we set very high standards for our performance during our raids. We realise that people have commitments outside the game and we aim to maximise our performance during the time that we have. We are quite proud of our success so far while maintaining a lower raid time than most of the guilds at our level.

Our current schedule is Sunday to Thursday 1900-2330 EU server time.

As mentioned before we also put a big emphasis on personality when we consider an application, we have been very careful to create an environment that is enjoyable for our members to play in, and we believe we have a reputation as a friendly group of people. If you're an elitist prick you may want to look elsewhere as you'd be wasting both ours and your time. We are not a guild that requires some kind of warning to possible recruits of crude language, racism and similar subject matter in guild chat. Such subjects do crop up from time to time, but they are not a common aspect of our conversations, nor are they championed in the way that a lot of raiding guilds do.

What we expect of you.

You must be self motivated. We don't look for players we need to tell what to do, we want people that can think for themselves and will actively research aspects of raiding on their own.

You must be able to play every night from raid start to raid end, we expect dedication from our members. We need people we can rely on to show up every night from now until whenever, no random excuses or disappearing for a week, or needing to take unnecessary breaks randomly during raids. Our raids are a focused environment, waiting for one person is never acceptable.

It should go without saying, but the level of skill we require is far above the average Wow player. You should be a master of your class, with great knowledge of all aspects of it. And you should have a great knowledge of other classes as well, not just your own. We want people that can work well as a team and knowledge of other classes is important.

You should know fights from all sides, not just from your own perspective. You should be able to think on your toes and react to what is happening; we don't want people that need their hand held during raids. You should be able to offer insight and suggestions on ways to improve the way we handle fights, and have the confidence to do so. We are not a dictatorship; we encourage our members to contribute to the development of strategies.

As a person you should first and foremost be friendly and polite. We have developed a very friendly group and require possible recruits to fit in with us. We don't care if you are the greatest player on earth, if you are rude or put simply an *%!!%%! then we don't want you. We want this game to be fun for our members and won't allow anyone to ruin the environment we have built up.

Net Connection.

A recruit is of no use to us if they disconnect a few times every raid, we need everyone online for the full duration of our raids. It seems such a simple requirement, possibly shouldn't even need to be mentioned, but if your net connection and computer aren't stable enough to run Wow for a few hours each night then you need not apply.


Gear is not a big requirement in an application for us. We do not require people to have the latest hard-mode gear (although we won't discount someone because of it).
As we are looking for excellent individuals to play with us for a long time, gear is of little concern. What we do look for in terms of gear is an indication that you understand your class and the theory crafting that goes with it. Gems and enchant choices, stats you've aimed for, talent choices and glyphs. If you are under geared for your class then we'd expect you to be able to tell us with great detail what you'd consider optimal gear, and most importantly why.
Gear is temporary, a great player is permanent.


As we run with a very small roster, we expect all of our members to maintain a 90% attendance while they raid with us. This means that on average you may sign off one raid every two weeks. If you cannot manage this at a minimum then you need not apply. We are looking for dedicated players who want to play at our level, people that we can rely on to be there every night.

Application process.

If you like what you've read and think you could contribute to our guild then please visit


and read through our information. Please be aware that joining a guild such as ours is a big commitment, and you should be 100% certain that you can meet our requirements before you make an application.

One sentence answers to questions and poor grammar will get your application discarded very fast. So please put a lot of effort into your application, it's the only chance we have to assess you and you should aim to make as good an impression as possible. There's no such thing as too long when it comes to an application.

Current contacts for any questions are:

Guild master - Omegasupreme

Officer - Krsve, Asteraki, Yuu

Either in game or on our forums.

Thanks for reading.