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05-11-2010, 12:55 PM
The Harlequins of Uldaman are a server first guild recruiting for Heroics in Icecrown...

We are a small roster progression guild with dedicated raiding members currently looking for like-minded individuals with skill, experience, availability and gear comparable to ours.

We are only considering recruits willing to put in a minimum of 90% raiding attendance. We keep a small roster by design, so each member of The Harlequins plays a big role. You're expected to have proper knowlege of the fights, have your consumables ready and be skillful enough to adjust to any new fight that comes our way.

We're not looking to recruit by the masses, rather we are looking for a few skilled players to add to our core. The Harlequins consist of members who have been raiding together for about 3 years. Our goal is to find exceptional players who are driven to succeed and push through content as it comes our way.

Actively Recruiting: ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS!!! but specifically:
- 1 holy pally
- 1 holy or disc priest
- 1 dps warrior
- 1 feral druid (tank)
- 1 sh priest
- 1 warlock

Raiding Times:
Mon-Thrs: 8 - 11 est
Sunday: 7-11 est
*invites go out 30min. before start time

FotLK Progression
10/12 Icecrown Citadel (heroic)

WotLK Progression:
5/5 Trial of the Grand Crusader (Tribute to Insanity)
5/5 Trial of the Crusader (normal)

Previous Achievements:
Realm-first Grand Crusader (TotGC)
Realm-first Death's Demise (Yogg0)
Realm-first Celestial Defender (Algalon)
Server-first 25man LK kill to unlock heroics
Conqueror of Ulduar
Iron-Bound Protos
Rusted Protos
of the Nightfall
Twilight Vanquisher
6min Maly
And many many more.... we like achievements.

www.theharlequinsguild.com (http://www.theharlequinsguild.com)
- please fill out an app for consideration. When applying, please take the application seriously. It really helps us with the decision-making process.
- feel free to send me a private message there or email TheHarlequinsGuild@yahoo.com

In-game contacts:
Ludelicious, Warglove, Dessic, or Perk... Or ask anyone in the guild for assistance...

All classes are welcome to apply.