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05-11-2010, 07:38 AM
Leaders of the Fallen is beginning recruiting of any level 80 players for a 10 normal LK kill. This is not to say progression to harder content can't happen but, the goal as of now is to kill a LK and we will see what goes from there. The guild is more social and random than most with a loose guild promotion system. We hang on ventrilo and many of us have been playing together for quite some time. The guild welcomes new members of any type and is a warm and fun group of players.

*There is no turning players down we dont have any sort of GS Req or level Req*

That said raiders looking to kill the LK need to be:
Relaxed, wipes will happen and we don't raid with people who freak out
Capable of fire movements of an outward orientation
Full triumph gear from heroics ( more discussed on this in a bit)
Raid times are 11pm server till we lose to many to go on

We now Run 2 10 man group 1 has a KS and is 10/12 in Normal 10 man with 4/12 HM done

Group 2 is progressing as raiders are sticking around and now sits comfortably at 7 bosses killed.

Applicants For group 1 will need good gear as they are looking to progress to LK
Applicants for group 2 need to be able to listen(being able to talk on vent is good but knowing when to shut up more so) and deal with wipes as this is a learning group that isn't always in the gear one would like to see for these fights.

Group 1
Melee DPS of leather/mail variety (that's rogues kitty's and enhancements)

Gruop 2
Raid healers
Tank Healer
1 Ranged/Heal OS

To contact me you can email me at


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