View Full Version : The ToC 10 One Tank Challenge (Guide inside)

05-11-2010, 04:53 AM
I successfully one tanked 10 man Trial of the Crusader (normal mode) a few months ago and had a lot of fun doing it so I thought I'd share my method and challenge others to do this. Your raid should consist of 1 tank, 3 healers, and 6 dps. You can get away with having 2 healers and 7 dps, but one of the dps will need to have a healing spec as the first encounter will almost require 3 healers.

Before attempting this, please know that you will want to be geared for ToGC25 or higher to do this without problems although Gormok will still give you a challenge.

Guide to Solo Tanking The Northrend Beasts

Due to the nature of this boss, the tank will be taking heavy damage throughout the fight. This is where you will bloodlust if it's available. When the tank gets to 5 or 6 stacks you will want to have a paladin cast Hand of Protection on the tank while the tank taunts and quickly removes it before the boss can kill any dps. A Protection Paladin may find this easiest as they can use Divine Shield, taunt, remove the bubble, and if needed use the secondary taunt for safety measure and continue tanking the boss. After that it is a dps race. Snobolds are best handled after gormok is killed if possible, while you still want to kill them first if they are on a casting class.

Acidmaw and Dreadscale
Aside from tanking the mobile boss on top of the stationary boss there is little to change in this fight. Acidmaw should be killed first, then proceed with killing Dreadscale. Melee dps will need to be aware of poison clouds as both bosses will be together and not kited away from poison clouds.

As you only need on tank for this fight, there are no changes. As long as nobody gets pancaked there will be no problems.

Guide to Solo Tanking Lord Jaraxxus

Killing the adds will take priority over the boss in this encounter. As the tank will be dancing around with adds while they are out it is a good idea to nuke the adds so the tank can refocus on keeping threat on the boss. You will want an interrupter on the boss at all times as the tank will have damage intake from the boss and adds at the same time while they are out leaving no room for error with the Fel Fireball.

Guide to Solo Tanking Faction Champions

There really isn't much a tank can do during this fight. Just kite an opposing melee class.

Guide to Solo Tanking Twin Val'kyrs

You want to focus fire one Val'kyr while solo tanking. The tank should focus threat on the main target while using few aoe measures to keep the second target focused on the tank and away from cleave damage melee and healing threat. A holy paladin healing with Righteous Fury on can and probably will pull threat on the second target so make sure this is turned off during this fight. Other than that, be aware of the normal fight mechanics and react accordingly to the second target casting the heal.

Guide to Solo Tanking Anub'arak

Tank Anub'arak in whatever position you are used to tanking him in. The only difference is you will have to pick up the adds as well when they come out instead of a second tank doing that job for you.

Congratulations, you have just Solo Tanked Trial of the Crusader on 10 man normal mode.