View Full Version : US [H] Cryostatic - Dragonblight - LF Skill

05-10-2010, 09:32 PM
Sometimes you just need a fresh run.

And we're here to give it to you. We are Cryostatic of Dramablight.

Currently: 8/12 ICC 10 (first run through), ICC 25 __/12

Raid times:
5 PM ST - 8 PM ST (5 PM PST - 8 PM PST) Wed - Sat. Weds and Thursday ICC 10, Fri and Sat ICC 25.

Our Goals:
-To Progress. There's a time for games, and there's a time for raiding. Raiding is serious to us, and hope that those looking to join feel the same.
-To prove that not just the Alliance does well raiding wise. Dramablight has many, many astounding Ally Raiding guilds. There are very little successful Horde raiding guilds on our server. We aim to be one of the few. Join us on our quest to greatness.
-To eliminate drama as much as possible. Everyone loves a good joke, or playful critisism at timess, but we refuse to let things get carried away. No pointing fingers, saying who did what, or flaming will be tolerated. Everyone pays $15 a month, and puts time and effort into their characters, not to be yelled at or feel badly. Respect each other, and know the limits of who you talk to.

If this sounds good to you, we'd love to have you. Put in an application, it will be reviewed and if you clicked yes in the box you will be notified shortly as to acceptance. Also if you are looking for more information as to who we are and what we do, feel free to inquire by PM to Foreground.


Thank you for your time in reading, good health, and happy WoWing,
The GM and Officers of CryoStatic.