View Full Version : EU [A] - RGC - Silvermoon Recruiting

05-09-2010, 05:43 PM
RGC is a 25 man progress raid guild, for mature adults on Silvermoon EU. We currently raid 3 Nights per week (wed/thu/fri) from 8-11.30 server time, and are looking for dedicated, friendly raiders to progress with us through the end content of ICC 25, we are at 9/12, and as kingslayers, also the Hard Mode content of ICC 10s with our three 10 man groups.

We are looking for raiders who have the time to play through 3 weeknights and also at weekends for 10 man content. We operate a DKP system and have the usual web/vent/forum useage and a thriving social community. We are not a hardcore guild, but we do take raiding seriously and we are aiming for the Lich King in 25 Man down shortly to start on the HM 25 Content.

If you want to join a friendly, adult guild who take raiding seriously but can also have fun, then please visit us on www.resetgamingclan.com (http://www.resetgamingclan.com) or whisper "Ssorn" ingame for more information.

Thanks for reading.