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05-08-2010, 11:17 PM

25 Man Progression Recruitment
8PM- 12PM Server (PST) Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
11/12 ICC25

We are currently 11/12 and moving quickly through ICC, and should be pushing heroic 25ICC very soon. Please feel free to check out our progress on any progression site. We've raided a total of 8 nights in 25mans and are 11/12, this is with sub-par gear at best. More than half the guild are fresh 80s on new toons that we've decided to play for Cataclysm. We are, however, past the point of accepting rerolls, as fast progression is still key. Just because we're jumping the gun on Cataclysm recruitment doesn't mean we're not aiming to catch up with the other guilds on our server. We're quickly rising through the ranks and are trying to pull ourselves into reach of Heroic LK25 Realm First.

We want skill and dedication, not simply gear. Gear drops from bosses, situational awareness does not.

Currently Recruiting:
Ret Paladins
Fury Warriors
Feral Druids
Anybody who feels they can challenge our current raider's spots. Any classes, please feel free to apply. We are still in the midst of forming our A-Team of 25 players, and while we are almost there, were not yet; we're still lacking three or four more amazing, rock solid players. If YOU are that player, regardless of class, we can make room for you.

What We Are Not Recruiting:
People who cannot dodge defile

Absinth is a newly formed guild on US-Stonemaul (PVP), we are comprised of Officers from previous Top World guilds, and have decided to reform a partial reroll guild/returning player guild for ICC25 Heroic Progression, and to push Top 50 World Kills in Cataclysm. We have been a part of world firsts, and the bleeding edge progression that comes with it, and we have experienced the pros and cons of being in such a guild. We'd like to take our knowledge and experience, begin anew, and progress here on Stonemaul. Unlike the majority of guilds who keep a 50 player roster and leave several people benched each night, we like to keep our raid roster down to around 30 players. This promotes player synergy, teamwork, improves morale and ensures no player logs to simply be benched, after being promised a raid spot. If we are recruiting, it is for a full-time position. Let us be clear, we do not want applicants who want to join up just to see the last raid instance in the expansion, and then bail. We are looking for long term, dedicated individuals to spend the next few years worth of accomplishments with, in Cataclysm, and any other expansion packs afterwards.

What You Can Expect From Us
- A fair loot council loot distribution system where loot is distributed based on: Attendance, Performance, and how large of an upgrade the item is.
- To start a raid when we say we're going to start it.
- Top 50 World Kills in Cataclysm.
- A Fun, yet serious, competitive environment that will push you to excel.

What We Expect From You
- Excellent situational awareness and raid performance.
- Abundant knowledge of your class.
- The desire and ability to minimize/maximize every aspect of your character as to contribute to the well being of the raid group.
- 80% Attendance or better. 20 or so of our members maintain 100% attendance, we'd like to increase this number to 25.
- Ventrilo
- Solid and Dependable ISP
- Willingness to respec in order to aid guild progression.

To apply, visit us at www.absinthgaming.com, or message an officer in game for details.

GM- Hatemosh
Officers- Boogidabas, Udderheal, Soisoi