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05-04-2010, 02:39 PM
Class Recruitment:

Updated as of 12/05-2010

Death Knights: Medium
Note: Looking for a good Unholy Death Knight.

Druids: High
Note: Looking for exceptional players of all specs with High Attendance.

Hunters: Low
Note: Exceptional Players of All specs will be considered.

Mages: Low
Note: Exceptional Players of All specs will be considered.

Paladins: High
Note: Looking for exceptional players of all specs with High Attendance.

Priests: High
Note: Looking for a good holy/discipline Priest and a Spriest with High attendance.

Rogues: Low
Note: Exceptional Players of All specs will be considered.

Shamans: Medium
Note: Looking for 1 Elemental and 1 Resto Shaman With High Attendance.

Warlocks: Low
Note: Exceptional Players of All specs will be considered.

Warriors: Low
Note: Exceptional Players of All specs will be considered.

Our Raiding:
- 7/12 Heroic ICC 25
- 11/12 Heroic ICC 10
Our Current Raiding Schedule will be listed below (Note that all times are GMT+1 aka. Realm Time):
Wednesday 19:15-23:00
Thursday 19:15-23:00
Sunday 19:15-23:00
Tuesday 19:15-23:00

Loot Distribution:
We use GsDKP To distribute our loot in 25-Man Raids, You can read more on this below ( For full Post go to the following link - http://rigormortis.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=4177 ).

* DKP Site Link: http://www.gsdkp.com
* 1 DKP per hour is earned in normal raids
* 2 DKP per hour is earned on progress raids
* If you attend the full duration of the raid, your DKP is doubled

* Standby is NOT surposed result in sitting outside entire raid unless someone has a DC or has to go. Standby should be a active thing for the raid. Is it optimal for a boss with more or less healer/melee/ranged for next bossfight we should switch. Someone not able to perform at 100% due to being tired or RL stuff might interrupt, switch. If boss we are doing is on farm people can switch in and out of raid so people who need gear get in on certain bosses. Basicly getting invited at raid start should not be a automatic spot for entire raid.
* When raids invites are done you have 5 minutes to whisper the announced “Standby Officer” and he will put you on the standby list.
* People logging on after the invites are finished should not be recieving in-time bonus. However they will in most cases be able to obtain normal DKP by participating in the raid or signing up for Standby.
* On the standby list you gain the same DKP and attendance as the others in raid.
* When on standby you are on vent so we can easily call for you when/if needed.
* If you are not ready when called upon you will not receive any DKP or attendance. In some cases a fine will be added.
* This includes respeccing, not responding when called upon (we have an AFK officer you talk to about being AFK) and other situations which will delay the raid in summoning you. Use the AFK officer even if you are on standby. Being standby means being ready.
* If you are not ready to raid when invited, meaning you are not inside the instance before 19.30 and standing with the raid group you will not receive double DKP either, unless a special agreement has been made with an officer.

What we Require from You:
We are looking for hardcore raiders which are gonna make it realistic for our raiding team to stay stable in Progress during the summer; However you should not worry about being replaced after the summer is over as we have got a ranking system which makes inactive players unable to jump in and take over other raiders spots (even if they have been a "big shot" earlier in the guilds history). Our Officers also get ranked after this system (Their Rank will be written in their guild note)!

Please Only apply if you have a large base of knowledge about your class.

WWS/World of Logs/etc are highly recommended to be linked in your application since it will give us an overall idea about how you perform in a raid and will in most cases give you an answer on the application quite alot faster then if you hadn't linked it.

High End-Game Raiding Experience Prefered although we will make exceptions if people prove themselves to be very intelligent / quick learners!

Dedication and Perseverance is a MUST!

When applying to Rigor Mortis we Require that you use OUR Template and only ours, if you fail to do so your application won't be considered till re-written and in most cases it will be locked if you fail to do so after request.
Pro Tip: Also Make sure that you read our recruitment contract / rules before applying!

If you have got ANY questions whatsoever about anything related to the guild feel free to whisper an officer in-game;
Minatory (Raid Leader)
Warrcry (Healing Officer)
Previousfate (Ranged Officer)
Azurt (Melee Officer)
Ninjanijn (Tank Officer)
Silchasruin (Guild Master)

Expenzive (Me) - Note: Although I am not an officer I will most likely be able to answer most of your questions.

Our Guild Site is : http://rigormortis.informe.com/index.php

Best Regards.