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05-03-2010, 02:14 PM
Guild Information
Server: Aggramar (US)
Raid Focus: ICC 25
Raid Schedule: Sun-Thur (6:30pm - 10pm CST)
Loot System: EP/GP
Attendance Requirement: 80% minimum
Website: http://www.notalentamongst.us

About us
<Sworn Enemy> is an established horde guild that was created in 2007, we have an amazing player base and we are looking for a few more dedicated raiders. We are looking for people who know how to play their class well, have high availability for our raid times, and a positive attitude.

We are currently 11/12 ICC10 and 10/12 ICC25 (both normal)
Current and updated progression can be seen at: http://wow.guildprogress.com/US/Aggramar

Loot and Attendance
<Sworn Enemy> uses EPGP for 25-man raid content, with an 80% minimum attendance requirement for loot eligibility. EP is awarded to all raiders.

Attendance is one of the most important factors in a raiding guild, without you, we may not be able to progress. Therefore we take attendance very seriously, occasional missing is accepted given that you inform the officers of any schedule changes or things that come up. All of our officers have there contact information available to everyone.

Classes Needed:

Death Knight
Open - DPS

Open - Feral/Boomkin/Resto

Open - Holy/Ret

Open - Ele/Enh/Resto


Open - Limit 1

Open - Holy/Shadow/Disc

Open - Limit 1

Open - Limit 1

Open - DPS

***Please note that some recruitment is limited, and feel free to still apply if you're one of the classes we are not actively recruiting, we do consider exceptional applications. ***

How to apply:
Visit our website, http://www.notalentamongst.us (http://www.notalentamongst.us/)
Register to our forums, read the information in the applicant forums and fill out the application. A representative will contact you soon after application has been submitted. Feel free to log into our server and contact any member including myself with any questions. Thank you and everyone have a good day.