View Full Version : US [Alliance][Korgath] <The Backseat> 9/12 H-ICC25, 3 Day/Week, LF Dual Spec Pros+Rogue

04-28-2010, 03:33 PM
Greetings from <The Backseat>!

We are a progression minded, casually hardcore, 3-4 night a week raiding guild on the US PVP Server Korgath (Vengeance Battlegroup). <The Backseat> is not just an accomplished raiding team, but a true GUILD. We pride ourselves on our positive attitude and sense of community.

Where other guilds focus on wipe-grinding and 5-7 nights a week of "playing the game" while treating WoW like a 2nd job, <The Backseat> focuses on other concepts such as efficiency, preparation, a well thought out raid composition, and our leadership works tirelessly to provide the guild with additional resources (such as custom diagrams/walkthroughs) of how we will tackle boss mechanics before the boss is seen in-game.

If you can dedicate 3 (required) to 4 nights to a high-quality endgame raiding guild, <The Backseat> is for you!

Please feel free to apply, or just check us out, at our web address:

You're in The Backseat. (http://backseat.guildomatic.com/)

We hope to hear from you soon!

Our guild's door is ALWAYS open to high quality, "pro", efficient, and skilled students of the game. We will most likely always be able to find a raid spot for an exceptional applicant, we are currently focused on adding the following pieces to our raid composition:

Specific Classes (Being Extremely Skilled And Very Well Geared Are Requisites For Applicants To Be Taken Seriously)

1 Balance Druid (Resto Offspec)
1 Unholy Death Knight (Tank Offspec)
1 Shadow Priest (Disc/Holy Offspec)
1 Rogue

Remember, we are always looking for great players of any spec to add to our community, so feel free to apply on the website (You're in The Backseat. (http://backseat.guildomatic.com/)) if you feel this could be a good home for you.

Our raid times are:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm CST (Server Time)
Thursday, Sunday: Optional Raid Nights (10 mans, Backfill Achievement Farming)

We are currently:
12/12 ICC25
9/12 ICC 25 Hardmodes (Sindragosa, Putricide and the Lich King are left)

12/12 ICC10 (2 main groups, 1-2 alt runs a week)
11/12 ICC10 Hardmodes

4/5 TOGC 25
5/5 TOGC 10; Insanity on farm
13/14 Ulduar 25; 8/9 HM
14/14 Ulduar 10; All achievements on farm

If you apply, please reference Hopefulki/Tankspot in your application. We hope to hear from you soon!