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04-28-2010, 01:54 PM
I have recently started looking around to make a ToC10 group (that after practice on regular will be trying ToGC), and realized I have no clue what I should have for it. All I know is I need 2 tanks, 2-3Healers, and 5-6DPS. I however am not sure what kind of healers and DPS would work best.

And despite having tanked ToC10 and 25 sevral times I have never quite understood what to do when one tank is paralized and one has the burning bile.

Thank you for any and all help

...are the Worms the only thing people ask for help with? lol

04-29-2010, 05:41 AM
When it comes to the worms, you'll alternate between two different scenarios depending on which worm is burrowed and which is mobile.

Whichever worm is burrowed can target anyone with its spit - the mobile one only targets the player tanking it.

Therefore if:

Acidmaw stationary, Dreadscale mobile
--> Raid gets paralysed, Dreadscale tank gets fire
Poison victims immediately run to the Dreadscale tank who has the burning bile whilst they can still move. If they get frozen before reaching him/her, the Dreadscale tank should attempt to move to the victims but should wait until immediately after a frontal breath has occurred to avoid spraying the raid with it.

Acidmaw mobile, Dreadscale stationary
--> Raid gets fire, Acidmaw tank gets paralysed
Burning bile victims should spread out and whichever is closest to the Acidmaw tank should move over and free him without moving in front of Acidmaw.