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04-26-2010, 11:17 PM
Quick Information
Server: Archimonde (US)
Raid Focus: ICC 10/25.
Raid Schedule: Mon-Thur (8pm - 11pm GMT) || (3pm - 6pm EST) || (2pm-5pm Server Time)
Loot System: EP/GP
Attendance Requirement: 80% minimum
Website: http://www.thespiritswithin.org (http://www.thespiritswithin.org/)

About us
TSW has raided together as a core group of EU/US off-time people since vanilla WoW, and focuses on tackling endgame content. Our members range in age from 20-40 with a variety of personalities and backgrounds, although many are active duty US military posted overseas. We are one of the most progressed EU time zone guilds on any US server. Note: We prefer to recruit people on a permanent basis -- this means mature, stable people living in Europe, or longtime Nightshift people living in the US.

We are currently 11/12 ICC 10 and 10/12 ICC 25 (both normal)

Loot and Attendance
TSW uses EPGP for 25-man raid content, with an 80% minimum attendance requirement for loot eligibility. We distribute off spec gear for a flat fee of 200g to use in alternate raid roles (i.e. DPS warrior awarded tanking gear, etc.). EP is awarded to all raiders.

Since we are a tight knit roster, reliable attendance from all raiders is important. Raiders are not penalized for occasional absences, however they are expected to post any scheduled absences ahead of time.

Applicants should have a focus on continual improvement at the individual and raid level, and be able to use appropriate resources to research their class and raid role. Raiding from Europe on US servers does introduce additional technical hurdles such as latency, but it is expected that raiders have learned how to deal with that and still avoid standing in fires =). Full TOC 10/25 gearing, and familiarity with all ICC encounters, is expected.

Current Openings
MAGES: Medium
PRIESTS: Medium (Holy/Disc)
SHAMANS: High (Enhance ONLY)

Application Process
In order to apply, register and fill out the application post found on our website and we will set up a brief interview for the initial guild invite. If you have any other questions, feel free to send a PM to anyone in The Spirits Within (someone will be able to get you to the right officer) or you can get in touch with Sunderwhere on our forums, or seek us out in game. If your class isn't currently listed, but you are an EU/US off-time player and feel you are exceptional at your role (and can prove it with a link to web stats), feel free to get in touch as well.

Your recruitment trial will last a max of 4 weeks at which point we will determine whether you are the right fit for us. Constant harassment of officers on "how you are doing" is not helpful -- if you know what you are doing, we will know about it. If you are below our standards we will let you know before the “Recruit” period ends so that you can find a guild that better suits you. We are not responsible for any transfer fees, so please be confident you will be a right fit before transferring servers.