View Full Version : US [ H Laughing Skull ] <UNDER THE LOTUS> Casual Guild LF 2 More to Fill Core 2

04-26-2010, 08:10 PM
Under the Lotus is currently looking for 2 more players to round out our ICC 10 Core 2:

Current Class needs:

HEALS: 1 Holy Priest

DPS: 1 Enchancement Shammy


Tank: Prot Pally or DK

Details: Currently 6/12 in ICC 10 with a new group. Looking to fill roster to continue forward. Raid times will be Tuesday 7:45pm raid invites and Wednesday 6:45pm raid invites. Both raids nights will end about 10 server. All time are Server.

While we are a more casual guild, we are looking for people to round out this core who will commit to two raiding days a week.

Best to contact in game: Keyel; Kerosyne; Maccah;