View Full Version : US [H] <End Guys> US Detheroc 8/12 recruiting DPS for ICC 25 HMs (8/12)

04-24-2010, 08:17 PM
Guild: End Guys
Server: Detheroc
Schedule: 8:30PM-12AM ST (CST) Sunday-Thursday
Current Class needs: 1 Enhance Shaman, 1-2 Shadow Priests, 1-2 Mages, 1-2 Hunters, 1 Resto Druid
Website: http://end-guys.com (http://end-guys.com)
Contacts: Dagron, Cozzone/Cozzdruid, Magzs

All classes not listed will be considered closed. However even with closed classes we are always open to adding an exceptional player and if you feel that you meet this criteria feel free to apply.

Current Progression
End Guys is currently 8/12 HM ICC25 and 6/12 HM ICC10. We expect new applicants to be ready to jump right into heroic encounters, both in gear and experience.

About End Guys

End Guys is a high end raiding guild that has dominated all content in Vanilla WoW, BC, and now WoTLK. We are a tight knit guild with a small raiding roster and usually maintain around 35 active raiding members. With this in mind we expect higher quality of players than most "zerg guilds" and we never recruit for a bench position. We are an adult guild and joke and tease often. If you are easily offended or have no sense of humor you will not enjoy our guild.

The guild originally started on Sargeras but moved to Detheroc to escape server stability problems and login queues. Detheroc is an ideal medium population PvP server with a high horde:alliance ratio.

Loot distribution is handled via loot council. We do not tolerate ANY arguments, greediness, or childishness regarding loot. Loot is distributed to benefit of the guild as a whole, not any one raider. Attendance and performance are the major factors considered, but level of upgrade, recent loot received, and seniority are also taken into account. We pride ourselves on having minimal "loot drama" and being a smaller guild are able to gear out our members very quickly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the officers: Cozzone, Cozzdruid, Magzs, Joir, or Dagron or visit http://end-guys.com (http://end-guys.com) for more information.