View Full Version : Tanking Well Geard Pally tank..But unable to Gen threat quickly..PLZ HELP

04-24-2010, 01:35 AM
Hello all my name is suhailcool..i m a lvl 80 human paladin tank..and abt my toon..i think everything si fine wit it..but just 1 thing bugs me"Y i m not able to generate threat as much or as fast as possible"...I really get mad wen i see a low geard pally tank then me generating more threat then me and faster then me..So i request u guys to help me out with threat Gen nd eaven wit roataion and my talent tree..Will be a great help for me..thank u...

And here's my armory link.. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Aman%27Thul&cn=Suhailcool

Any sugestion's and help will be appritiated..

04-24-2010, 03:07 AM
Spec: take 5 points out of divinity (it only contributes to overhealing) and 5 points our of seals of the pure. put 3 points in heart of the crusade, 3 points in conviction, 2 points in pursuit of justice and 3 points in crusade (6% damage increase>15% damage increase with judgement and seals)
Rotation: 9,6,9,6,9 is the best rotation for generating threat as the idea is to have all abilitys on cooldown, and this is the closest we can get (i use hs>sotr>judgement>hotr>consecrate on bosses as priority)
glyphs: glyph of divine plea is a must have, its a 3% damage reduction when DP is up, and it wont fall off as long as you are auto attacking something, i personally would replace glyph of righteous defense but i dont seem to miss with taunts
also get glyph of sense undead as it increases damage against undead when sense undead is on, great for icc.
gems: your gemmings confusing when it comes to what socket bonuses ur getting and what u arnt, if its a 9 stamina bonus or better and only requires one non-blue gem, then you should take it with either a 10 agility 15 stamina gem (for red sockets) and 10 defense 15 stamina (for yellow sockets)
enchants: if your having problems with threat why dont you use the 10 parry +2% increased threat enchant on your gloves? Blade ward aint that great for paladins either, i would recommend mongoose as it gives agility and therefore dodge
Leveling profession helps a lot as well as leatherworking gives an extra 62 stamina and i would recommend changing skinning for blacksmithing or jewelcrafting (blacksmithing gives an extra 60 stamina through 2 gem slots, and JC gives an extra 63 stamina through the JC only gems)

sorry for the wall of text

04-24-2010, 05:29 AM
You haven't really provided any information on what you're doing during fights.
But I'm assuming you're using righteous fury (duh?). Try starting off a boss with the taunt+avenger's shield instant combo. It generates quite a bit of threat. Otherwise make sure you really focus into the 969696969 rotation, popping avenging wrath whenever its best(usually in tune with BL). Remember that your higher damage spells create higher threat, so try and use those priority wise first. This really sounds like you're doing the wrong rotation or slacking in between skills.

I.e.: If you're typing and not doing anything=not generating threat, or if you're not paying attention and it takes you 3s between each thing, you're not building threat. If you're doing the 969 rotation how i do it. Judge SoL->Shield of Righteousness->Consecration->HoR->holy shield->(At this point judge SoL will actually be near cd like 0.4 seconds left but you use SoR still.) and at that point you know you're in the rotation. When your judgement is just about to cool down as you're re using whatever 6 second cooldown you prefer to use first.