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04-22-2010, 10:51 PM
So... I'm a level 24 Paladin tank, and wanting to know how tanking is end-game.

I'm doing fine AFAIK in tanking low-level instances. I ask my group members each time, and they say I do fine.

But how is Paladin tanking end-game? I wanna hear from an end-game Paladin tank, if possible. :] Thanks guys!

Sorry if this is off-topic or anything. This is my first post. :]

04-22-2010, 10:59 PM
Well. What would explain this matter at simply...

You pretty much gain skills to use when reach more levels and learn on the way, while leveling paladin.

Each tanking classes to my point view are quite well made to game mechanism. More detacated players on tanking usually are better.
-Dont know much else to point out here.

04-22-2010, 11:52 PM
Speaking from a Paladin's perspective, I would probably say we're the versatile mofo's of the tanking community. Whilst Warriors and Druids are imba 1v1'ers, paladins fare well against any encounter/WTF IS GOING ON moments/Ohshtsomeonemesseduproyally. They provide several mechanics to reduce raid damage/self damage/ save people's lives. I.e.->Divine Sacrifice/Divine protection. (30% damage from all people in range gets transferred to paladin equal to 40% of the paladins health x total raid members and reduces damage taken by 20%. reduces all damage taken by the paladin by 50%). Probably one of the better aoe'rs as we have two respective aoe's (one which only works on undead and has a 30 second cd, but hell WoTLK is paladin heaven.)

Personally you haven't experienced deep prot spec abilities either. Ardent defender pretty much lets you go to 0 hp one time every 2 minutes(Also restores 30% of your health). Avengers shield is a good silence+slowing tool that hits three mobs, melee attack speed reduction, Mitigation w/holy shield, devotion aura=armour+ and +6% heals. Protadins really are a fun class to play.

In end game tanking, talking ICC here, you're usually going to find a protadin in any top raiding guilds. (I think paragon used a prot pally in their world first LK25HM kill on 5%buff). We're a pretty forgiving class rotation wise as the majority of our skills are either 6 or 9 second cooldowns. (Taunt is 6 second w/ tier 9 2 set bonus.) Not to mention we get a targetable taunt(or not if you hit it twice) that taunts 3 mobs off a targetted raid member(useful in large aoe situations). Coupled with divine plea (another 3% dmg reduction with the glyph) we're never short of mana and tend to take relatively normal damage and I never get complaints from healers that im too spiky or anything of the sort.

You didn't really ask any specific questions, so that's an extremely quick overview. Leave some more questions that are a bit more specific and I would be glad to respond.