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04-22-2010, 05:39 PM
We are a casual yet serious raiding guild, raiding Tuesday & Thursday 745-11st. We feel that you should be able to enjoy raiding and still have a life in the process. Due to only raiding 25 man content two nights we expect optimal performance from all members and research for fights to have been done prior to raid time. We also run 10ms which are both currently 11/12.

We are currently recruiting for our core raid. We are a group of semi-hardcore raiders that are dedicated to clearing the harder content of the game. Currently we have 7/12 25 Icecrown content on farm. We are looking for more skilled and dedicated players. We are currently running one main 25man ICC dedicated to progression, and have two 10man runs.

We are currently looking for:

Ranged Dps:
MM Hunter, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Demo Lock, Mage(s) of Fire/Frost & Arcane.

Melee Dps:
Unholy DK

Resto Druid

Prot War, Prot Pally, DK Tank.

We are always looking for quality players to keep competition in the raids good. If you feel you can do the job better than our current raiders then feel free to app.

DO NOT bother applying if:
1. You CANNOT attend the raid times.
2. CANNOT take constructive criticism.
3. DO NOT want to better your playing skills.
4. If your a loot ##*!!.

Loot System:
Static DKP 45 day Linear Decay

If you are interested in joining our ranks and for more info please apply at: www.moredotz.dkpsystem.com (http://www.moredotz.dkpsystem.com)

For more info you can contact in-game:
Gigulz, Dubsaq, Raxic, Sojuha, Matrixs, Albinobeast, Energyze, Roscoe