View Full Version : US Prot Paladin - 10/12 @10, 7/12 @25 - Looking for 10/25man raiding guild.

04-22-2010, 10:05 AM
My toon:
Dwarf Protection Paladin, ICC10 & 25 geared
I also have a very solid Retribution spec (per current guild requirements, it's been invested in a little more than my tanking set).

My life:
Married, full-time employed, father of 2 girls. Warcraft is my entertainment, but I take it seriously. My family is my life, and WoW is my break - I don't like wasting time waiting for people to get their act together. I work in Marketing and Design, so I thrive on fast-paced environments and short & long term goals alike.

What I seek:
I am mainly seeking a dedicated 10 man raiding guild, or a SOLID 25 man guild that has their act together. I cannot stress this enough - I need to be part of a team that is coordinated and knows how to focus and push to achieve a goal. I cannot dedicate enough time to both 10's and 25's unless the organization is high. I am available a minimum of 3 raiding nights, and a maximum of 4 depending on how they are distributed. 4 nights in a row need not contact me, but 2/break/2 will be a glove fit.

Where you are progressed to does not matter - I want to be part of a LK normal kill, afterall. However, I will consider any guild that has the ability to focus and coordinate.

I am working on Sindragosa on 10 man, and Putricide on 25 man. My guild lacks coordination, the officers squabble and raiding attendance is spotty at best. This has been our issue for 3 months, and I've attempted to push through. It got better for a bit, but then we lost a lot of people this week so it's time to move on I think.

I can be contacted via PM here, or via email at: Jeremy@Madore.com any time. Thank you for your consideration.