View Full Version : US Quatri Mensuram (US|Gorgonnash) - 10PM Pacific Raids - 25/10 ICC

04-21-2010, 04:11 PM
Quatri Mensuram (US|Gorgonnash) is recruiting for players who are willing to be consistent in attendance for ICC progression, willing to learn new content, better their class and are looking for a friendly, casual atmosphere. Have a sense of humor and don't be a stick in the mud :P

Currently we are recruiting for the following: Tanks (prefer Prot Pally/DK/Druid), Range DPS (shadow priests/hunters/boomkins), Shammies and Hybrid healer MS/dps OS classes.

Normal ICC raid times are 10pm server time (Pacific), with invites going out 15mins prior to raid start time. We are looking for those who can join us for our 10ICC raids; currently running 2 10man teams. 25ICC raids are every Friday night at 10pm server time, which run until 2am to 3am, pending our progression. 10ICC groups run on their own schedule but usually start at 10pm. We also run 25Weekly/VoA/ToC to help guildies gear up, especially for trinkets and OS gear.

Our progression is as follows: 10ICC 10/12 - 25ICC 7/12. To encourage consistent guild raiders, we utilize the EGPG loot point system. We have recently added a 2nd night for 25ICC progression.

Our Guild Bank gives back what guildies put in. To date, our GB provides complimentary enchant mats to guildies, flasks and fish feasts to all raiders, and a steep discount on BoE/Recipes and so on. We utilize Ventrilio, and members may us it for their pvp and other raid groups they are leading.

New recruits will start out at Initiate title level, after 3 weeks of raiding with the guild, you will be promoted to Member level. Members will have a higher priority on BoE items in GB.

If you're interested, please take a look at the open classes and apply at: www.qm-wow.com (http://www.qm-wow.com). Any questions? Ask Netsuai in her "parking" spot at the Eventide bank or send her a whisper.