View Full Version : US Earthen Ring, Horde, <Pythonic> 10/12 ICC

04-21-2010, 03:42 PM
Pythonic is looking for good players. Our current needs include a death knight OT, a resto druid and a melee DPS. You must have the gear for the upper spire to be considered for the spot on the main raid team.
Raid times are T/Th/F 10pm to 12am server, and Saturday 8 pm to 12pm server. Occasionally we will start at 7pm server on Saturday, and occasionally we will go Monday at 10pm server if we are very close to a kill that it was getting late for on Saturday.

We are also trying to build a 2nd 10 man team. Ideally, we would like 10 OTHER people for this team, and we have dps. We need 2 tanks, and 2 healers for this team. Currently, we are taking a second team that consists of about 50% alts, which is ok, but is wearing on the main team that is already spending upwards of 10 to 12 hours a week in ICC. Also, this means that our 2nd team is relegated to Wed/Sunday and is therefore not seeing as much progression. We would like to see that change.

Ultimately, we want to go into ICC25 as a guild. To do that, we need more good, geared players.

http://pythonic.guildlaunch.com (http://pythonic.guildlaunch.com/) is our website for application.