View Full Version : US 12/12 ICC LF Holy Paladin & Disc Priest [A]

04-20-2010, 10:26 AM
Guild: [A] Devils Paradise
Realm: PvP-Malorne (CST)
Raid Times: Monday - Wednesday, 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM (Central)
25M 12/12 ICC 25 (Alliance #1 on Malorne)
10M ICC Group #1 10/12 ICC Hardmode (Alliance #1 on Malorne)
10M ICC Group #2 12/12 ICC Normal
As a additional note, we participate in full guild run of capturing Wintergrasp every Tuesday or Wednesday (which is always successful in capturing) to help our raiders obtain more T10!

Loot Rules: DKP, silent bidding by mod (GuildRaidSnapShot). Winner pays not the amount he/she bids, but just one more than the second highest bidder.

Priest: Medium - Disc (Looking for someone truly exceptional at disc as we start hard modes)
Paladin: High - Holy (Leadership qualities and initiative a big plus)
Druid: Medium/Low - Feral (Bear)
Shaman: Low
Hunter: Low
Mage: Low
Rogue: Low
Warlock: Low
Warrior: Low
Deathknight: Low

We don't recruit for the bench and we rarely have more than 3 or 4 people online who don't make it into the raid. Class openings for high/medium needed status' above are more than likely to become a full time raider, as long as you perform well and maintain good raid attendance!

All exceptional applicants for other classes are welcome to apply!

A little about us:The core of Devils Paradise has been together since shortly after WoW's initial release. We started off on Deathwing as <STING>, then later transferred to Malorne (since Deathwing and a few other full populated servers were given the opportunity for free transfers to Malorne). While we've saw alot of guilds come and go (breaking up, xferring due to lack of recruits or bad leadership whichever it may be) on our server, Devils Paradise have been together since March 2006 and actively raiding since. Even alot of our officers and some core are still active today! Throughout majority of the raiding content since back in Vanilla, we've always maintained either the #1 (mostly and currently) or #2 spot on Malorne Alliance. We consider ourselves a casual guild, but we are a casual guild with relatively high standards. We don't like to fail and we expect our members to perform.

If interested please apply @:
http://www.devilsparadise.dkpsystem.com (http://www.devilsparadise.dkpsystem.com/news.php) or contact any officer (below) in game.

GM: Tashane
Tanking Officer: Shwigetty
Healing Officer: Heartwork
Melee Officer: Kissme/Doubtme
Caster Officer: Currently on hiatus for RL reasons, please contact any other officer.