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04-20-2010, 09:20 AM
So i can't really tell people why one trinket beats another right now cuase i can't find the math. At what rate does armor scale for instance.

The glyph of indomitability has ~1.8k armor
The black Heart has 126 Stam

If i were to get the corroded skeleton key which wuold i swap and why?

04-20-2010, 09:22 AM
The black heart.

The corroded key will absorb 6400 damage, far more than the black heart and effective on a magic fight. For a magic fight though, use the black heart and the skeleton key as the glyph would be useless.

11 armor ~ 1 stam.

There is really no such thing as "too much" EH, it can't really be quantified. The answer to "how much EH?" is "as much as you can get".

04-20-2010, 09:31 AM
11 armor ~ 1 stam.

Exactly what i wanted to know

04-20-2010, 02:54 PM
Unless there is magic damage, then read this http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/forum/index.php?f=6&t=26831&sid=4d130fd75349299a614ebd6573a8be4e&rb_v=viewtopic.

If you are comparing the two you really have to look at the on uses and procs also, generally the Glyph is better if the encounter is all physical or is up to 10% magic with a high incoming scheduled physical damage incoming where an extra on use is needed like Festergut. Black Heart is generally better for everything else like Sindragosa with her high magic or Lich King with a fairly high percentage of magic where you taunt switch or Safeguard a pally. Everything else it doesn't matter, might as well use the Glyph for it since it prevents damage and has an "oh shit" button because the only way you die on other encounters is no heals.