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04-20-2010, 07:11 AM
Completely Different is a guild that runs hardcore, progression focused raids on a relatively casual three day schedule while choosing not to put up with elitists players or pricks simply because they can put up good numbers. We find that valuing the personality of our members as highly as we do their performance leads to more enjoyable raids and less burnout over the ebb and flow of progression.

Standard Information:
Website: http://cd.vitalstuff.org
Raid Times: Sun/Mon/Wed 6:30-10:30 MST (Many of us are EST and those are 8:30-12:30 EST raid times)
Loot System: EPGP
Ten Mans: We run three ten man groups mains on Tues/Thurs and remaining mains and alts on Friday evening. These will be backed off when badges are no longer as important into stronger groups for hard mode completion.

Why are we Recruiting?:
I have the somewhat lofty goal of being the best 3 day (12 hour) guild in the world. I am an extremely competitive individual and I can accept that guilds and players who can spend many more nights a week and more hours will push content faster but I strive to be a part of the best group of individuals with less time in their real lives for this game. Currently about 5 of our raid slots are filled by about 10 skilled individuals who are unable to make enough raids regularly to be core raiders. Part of being an extremely efficient guild is running with almost the exact same people every night of the week and as such I am hoping to fill those spots with equally skilled individuals who can make near 100% attendance.

What is our target Player Base?:
I myself am a 5 year veteran of this game and former 5 day+ raider. My life no longer allows me to be online for that many hours a week but I find typical casual guilds to be too frustrating for my competitive spirit. We seek similar individuals who have the drive to raid in a hard core progression environment but lack the free time to do so more than 3 days a week.

As an individual you must be an excellent player and an extremely quick learner. With a 12 hour raid week we can't afford players who take more than an attempt or two at most to fully understand an encounter. Ideally you are able to form an accurate picture of an encounter from data mined abilities and PTR testing, thus allowing you to step into the live encounter with very few mistakes.
I am not a slave drive and I never raise my voice but this is a progression guild. If you are someone who becomes a head case on the rare occasion you do make a mistake and it is pointed out in vent then this is not the guild for you. Raiders are required to understand, analyze and fix any errors that are made. Once this process is complete you must be able to compartmentalize that mistake and prevent it from affecting your future performance.

The last requirement people often think about is actually one of the most important. While I expect and demand exemplary performance of our raiders you will never see me bashing a “fail pug” in a heroic or sitting in trade chat making fun of those who take this game less seriously than we do. That is not what this guild is about and if it's the kind of behavior you exhibit or for some twisted reason, enjoy, then we are not the right home for you. There is a distinct difference between knowing you are a good player and wanting others to know you are a good player. If you choose to join us please check the egos at the door and leave your elitism at the coat check.

What should I do?:
If you feel you fit the bill of what we're looking for and you are excited to be a part of what we do then your first step is to head to our website and, after reading our policies and rules, fill out an application. I can't stress how important this application is to your chances of getting accepted to our guild. At most one out of every ten apps are contacted for a vent interview and if you wish to make it past that first stage you must be able to represent yourself well on paper. Absolutely essential to this is the ability to provide us with some WoL, WWS, or WMO parses to look through. A screen shot of your recount, while nice, does not allow us to go through and look at things like your survivability, up times, avoidable damage taken etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to contact me in game or at completelydifferentguild@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Below you will find the relevant info
Raid Schedule is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday: 6:30-10:30 MST(server time) Tuesdays and Thursdays are added when new content is released for 10 man runs. Players attend either day depending on there personal schedule and discussion with Raid Leaders.

Guild Progression:
Can be found on Wowprogress.com here:

Completely Different: | Progression raiding without the elitism (http://cd.vitalstuff.org/)

For questions regarding recruitment please Send inquiries to Turelliax or Shaidar on Terenas-US.

We are recruiting the following:

Death Knight- Medium
Druid- Medium
Hunters - Low
Mages - High
Paladins - Medium (HOLY is a high need)
Priest - Medium
Rogue - Medium
Shaman -Medium
Warlock - High
Warrior - medium

We are currently looking to add about 8-9 people for CORE raider positions for heroic anub and ICC. Especially healers and Excellent DPSers.

We are mostly looking for DPS at the moment.. both ranged and Melee (preferably anything but paladins). We will always review well written and thought out applications of any class/spec. Dps with decent tank offset always a plus! also if you have any questions please feel free to email completelydifferentguild@gmail.com