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04-19-2010, 05:17 PM
Ok, so last Saturday I got the Vengeful Noose. Was very excited, huge stam upgrade over my Soulthief's Braided Belt.
On Sunday, I went into a TOC 25 and was main tanking. On Icehowl I lost threat to a 11k dps mage. 11k dps is a ton, so I just thought he wasnt watching omen or w/e.
On Jarraxus, I first lose threat to a 7k dps warlock, then a 5k dps druid, then the 11k dps mage again. Now I know something is wrong. I have NEVER had this bad of aggro before, infact I cant remember the last time Ive lost threat. I equip my old belt, and dont lose aggro again the whole run. So today, Im doing my random, and all 3 dps pull off me a few times, all doing about 4k. I put on my old belt, dont lose aggro again for the rest of the run. I know my hit is low, but even on Jarraxus where I didnt miss ONCE, I lost aggro. I lose 30 AP and some crit, but I got loads of crit, 8K AP in raids, and I gain agi, haste and arpen to make up for it, no? I am trying to get a new weapon, as Darksend says to do, but replacing Lightborn Spire is hard.. especially when I cant do 25s atm.. I would really like to keep my new belt for the 40 more stam, but wont use it if need be. Oh, and I didnt mess up my rotation. Thanks for reading my wall of text..


04-20-2010, 08:14 AM
I lost aggro on Jarraxus at the beginning of the fight. I only had like 2 lacerate stacks up.

Rotation is: Mangle, Faerie Fire, Laceratex5, Mangle, Faerie Fire, and swipe while Lacerate is still over half duration left and mangle/faerie are on cd, while always having Maul queued up. I havent used berserk in my rotation because Im used to using it during fears, I.E. onyxia and Champs. I most likely will be switching to Darksend's Mangle-Faerie Fire-1,2 priority rotation though.

Edit: I know you guys will probably say the belt is just me having an excuse, but remember, on Twins and on Anub, I didnt lose aggro again and I was using my old one.

Edit2: I normally do around 3k single in 25s, 2.4 in 10s. The TPS I do wont be exact since its always changing throughout the fight, whenever I mangle it goes up by like 1k. I do about 6-7k TPS on average on Marrowgar, which is when I watch it the most due to bone storm threat, but my lacerate stacks fall off. On Saurfang, I think around 8 or 9. I also have the option of switching some gems to different gems, since I already have 67k hp in icc, will be 71k when I get Juggernaut's.

Edit3: (My god stop with the edits already!) The 5k dps was counting in target switching with moonfire/swarm ticking down his dps, I dont know exactly what his single was, but I believe last time we ran togc he did around 6-7k.

04-20-2010, 08:25 AM
Did your raid comp change at all? Were you getting the tricks/MDs you're used to that day? Might be obvious, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

04-20-2010, 04:12 PM
Nope, nobody left. I was thinking about that, we had 3 rogues so I should have been getting tricks, and 1 hunter for MD. But maybe I didnt

04-20-2010, 05:55 PM
Its unlikely the belt caused this. Its just coincedntal.

yeah it dropped your hit by a little, but unless your hit suddenley when to 0 , from wearing the new belt its unliley to be the cause of the threat problem. gem hit/stam in one or two yellow slots(if needed) and use new belt.

My guess is you were slacking on threat. It happens . You get in a a rhythm and you stop looking at omen and just assume everything will be fine, and then a mage gets lucky with some crits, trinket pops, during icey veins, and he pulls aggro! You didnt get tricks that 25 man run im sure, as if you did none would have pulled aggro. Rogues sometimes tricks each other instead.