View Full Version : Tanking Coming back after a year off -- Stuck in Ulduar Gear

04-19-2010, 09:24 AM
Hi all,

I'm just returning to the game after about a year long break. My gear is all Uld 10/25 level and i need some help figuring out what i need to focus on to upgrade so i can get into some better raids.

here is my current gear setup

- Is it possible for me to raid ToC 10/25 at my current gear level?

I have been primarily focusing on running random heroics to get the extra triumph badges to start to acquire that gear. As well as slowly acquiring frost badges (2 per day).

I have looked at the frost badge 'pick list' from tanking tips but since i dont have access to that many, i feel alot of those picks arent feasible for me to get.

- My first idea for frost badges was to get the trinket, since mine are very old, is that a good idea?

Any help would be much appreciated, i really just need to know what to focus on doing, what heroics to do, what gear to shoot for with badges, so i can gear up enough to try and get into some casual

- One more thing, i just picked up a rimefang's claw, I know its not like the best item but will i keep it long enough to warrant a good enchant? I was thinking of putting mongoose on it.

thanks again for the help.

04-19-2010, 10:02 AM
Definitely ToC ready for 10's at least.

General consensus seems to be the stamina is decent on frost trinket, the use on the corroded key is not so great though. First frost badges generally go to the cloak. I'd recommend the belt second for the insane armor boost as well as the stamina on it. JC trinket with epic/JC gems and the glyph of indominability should get you through til you get one of the ToC stam trinkets. Black Heart from ToC 5 man works as a placeholder too.

Rimefang's is currently the best pure avoidance weapon outside of raids. Mongoose works, though there are those that like Blood Draining as well.

04-19-2010, 10:53 AM
yeah, my gems are out of date, they were the best before the epic gems came out ill be working on upgrading those as well.

Another thing i found i think i should work on are the crafted ilvl245 bracers, since mine are still from naxx.

Would the crafted chest be a good idea, seems like a pretty huge upgrade, but it would be pretty expensive.

04-19-2010, 11:50 AM
Slot by slot is what your doing. Treat it like this guy just hit 80 and start doing heroics like crazy. The helm and shoulders from triumph vendors are ilevel 245 and shuold be step one. From there get peices of your tier 9/ToC10 drops.
Trinket wise there have been a few additions i would recommend.
The black heart
Glyph of indomitability

The bracers are the best and it is a travesty imo that they are the chest is quite good to but, if you want them save frozen orbs for them just camp trade and get as many as you can from heroics as in dalaran you can trade them for crusader orbs now.