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04-19-2010, 08:05 AM
website: www.endlessfury.guildportal.com (http://www.endlessfury.guildportal.com)
server: Burning Legion - Alliance
raid times: ICC25 Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-11 CST, ICC10 Wednesday & Second day chosen by each team 7:30-11 CST

What does it take to be the best? Does it take raiding 6 days a week for 8 hours a day? Does it take an entire raid corps of elitist pricks? Or does it just take the right mix of personalities and leadership all focused on the same singular goal of progression and enjoyment? We consider ourselves a casual raiding guild that values having FUN but takes progression seriously.

At Endless Fury, we believe the most important factor in success is having every raider be on the same page about what is expected of them and what the goals of the guild are. If every player in a raid is dedicated to giving his or her maximum effort and continually improving themselves, bosses will drop in short order. At EF, we are committed to creating an environment that fosters players with attitudes like these.

We are progression-focused guild on Burning Legion (PvP CST) that has currently cleared 6/12 in ICC25, and are looking for a few members to fill key spots in our raid roster as we prepare for our Encounter with the The Lich King himself. Our ideal applicants are abled and experienced raiders who are skillful and knowledgeable with their class and are willing to commit the effort necessary to compete towards end game progression.

Please note, we are looking for full time raiders, NOT backup bench raiders. We raid Tuesday through Thursday, from 7:30 to 11 CST and require 60% attendance rate from our raiders, no exceptions.

Our methods are surprisingly simple. A zero tolerance policy for drama. An Open roll loot system for all gear except Tier (Marks) drops which we have a limited DKP system that rewards attendance. A stable and tiered leadership that is engaged, accessible, and even-handed to members. A performance incentive system that rewards players who improve and punishes those who do not. And an attendance policy that is flexible enough to accommodate our members’ schedules but consistent enough to promote progression. That’s it.

So if you feel you have the necessary skills and attitude, and hunger for a chance to down bosses and compete, head over to our website www.endlessfury.guildportal.com (http://www.endlessfury.guildportal.com) and fill out an app.

What we can offer you:
***A mature, drama-free environment that fosters player growth.
***A raiding core that is dedicated, knowledgeable, selfless and generally great to be around.
***Leadership that is experienced, organized, devoted to the cause and above all, accessible and listens to its members.
***A schedule that is light and flexible enough to accommodate the modern adult gamer while heavy enough to make progression and push content.
***Raids that are well researched, run and most important fun to be in (this is a game after all).
***Players who have a strong understanding of game and raid mechanics.
***A loot and guild bank system that is well maintained and transparent, assuring fairness for all members.
***A family like atmosphere that promotes togetherness and content seeking over loot.

What we're looking for:
Dedicated individuals
Quick reaction speed
Ability to accept constructive criticism
Strong situational awareness
Hunger for content
Desire and drive to improve

PROGRESSION: Ranking via wow progress:

Our Current Recruitment Needs:
Ranged DPS and Healers
We will consider all classes and if you prove yourself competitive against our current raiders, you will have earned your permanent spot.

1.Click on "Apply to Guild" under the Forums section and fill out the application.

Just to give a little history about us....our guild was formed early February 2010. The leadership team came from Officers and Core raiders that broke away from The Scorpion Alliance. We felt that it was easier to form around us than have to cut nearly half the guild to achieve the progression goals we set for ourselves. Within the last two months, we merged with key members from Bosses Not Excuses and have plowed through 6/12 bosses in ICC25 and have 80% of our guild experience through 8/12 boss kills in ICC10 with a select few that have been even further than that. Within those two months, that brought us to rank #12 on our server Alliance side last week and trailed right behind Deadly Intent and others that have been considered "hardcore" raiding guilds that are much older than us. This week we've fallen behind due to those guilds making new accomplishments which pushed them forward. Grats to them by the way! But we are on your tails! We no longer have to pug any spots for our 25 man runs but as with all guilds who wish to progress, we must continue to fill our ranks with players who are dedicated and consistent and if any of our raiders fail to improve or do their job, they will simply be out competed for their raid spot by better players. If you feel that you are THAT BETTER PLAYER, then please APPLY!

Currently we have been having no difficulty one shotting Festergut and Rotface (due mostly to a consistant Tank/heal/DPS core) and are working on Dreamwalker and Blood Prince Council. We're seeking more qualified healers to help fine tune Dreamwalker and an experienced Ranged tank (loc/priest) for the Blood Prince Council. Players that are consistant and relaiable for these jobs are critical so we can get these on Farm. Raid spots for the core will be secure if you perform. Any questions about raid progression and boss kills can be found on our website forums as well as verified by wwww.wowprogression.com or www.guildprogression.com. You can also see that we have very skilled players with a lot of Raid experience by viewing our current roster on www.wow-heroes.com or the Armory.