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04-18-2010, 10:31 PM
Gday team,

Currently i consider myself a Good tank, not great but good, im looking at options to continually upgrade my gear and getting there slowly.

My Toon:

Server : Gilneas
Name : Stholy
Realm : US

As you can see i've collected some nice peices and been unlucky in rolls/game play not to obtain better. My question is do i upgrade the Pillars of Might legs as my current are only 232 or should i be upgrading my hands to the Gauntlets of the kracken?

I have some gold to possibly buy enough saronite in a few more weeks to get primordial's and upgrade more.

I have 67 Frosties and could grab more from another toon.

Hope you can clear my mind as this single decision for a casual player is quite difficult.



04-18-2010, 10:50 PM
For future reference, post your armory link to make the process of seeing your toon a mindless one.


Many people view Pillars of Might BiS for most encounters. If you can afford the hit you should invest.

Gauntlets of the Kraken are awesome gloves. You should consider them if you think it is unlikely you will get upgraded tier gloves, ie: don't get tier set gloves unless you can upgrade them immediately.

Also consider doing VoA25 and getting tier gloves from there (hey, it could happen) before you use up your frosts.

If you are a casual player and not heavily into raids, either the kraken gloves or the pillars will serve you well. if you heavily raid, the pillars are a better choice in the immediate term. Also, the Pillars are a more significant upgrade from your existing legs, compared to your gloves which are ilvl 245 -> kraken gloves.

04-18-2010, 10:59 PM
Roger that, im at work so those sites have been removed. Fortunately i have this one still but who knows for how much longer.

Thankyou for the words of wisdom. From this ill look for the legs.