View Full Version : US Dentarg - EST ICC HM 9/12 LF Ranged dps + more

04-18-2010, 05:03 PM
Dentarg (PVP-EST)

<imho> is a small, tight-knit guild of ~35 members, and you will see a lot of the same people on every night as we work to progress through Heroic Icecrown Citadel content. We currently have all normal bosses down in Icecrown and are working on Heroic mode. So far we've downed:
Lord Marrowgar
Gunship Battle
Blood Princes
Blood Queen
Professor Putricide

We are looking for a few more exceptional players to help fill out our core raid slots of the following classes and specs:
Any class of any spec

If you feel you are an exceptional player of any class then you are welcome to apply. Our main focus is progression and we are looking for people who are eager to work through new content and hard modes. We have earned the Realm First Algalon kill in 25-man as well as the Realm First Tribute to Insanity chest in Grand Crusader in 25-man. We use a DKP-based private bidding system for gear, and 80%+ attendance is expected.

Our Expectations
-All of our raiders are need to be familiar with new boss strats and be ready with all the proper consumables.
-All Raiders must be able to take constructive criticism well. Emo kids need not apply.
-All dps must be at or near the maximum dps their gear will allow. We will be routinely checking this.
-Healers must be able to heal effectivly while staying situationally aware. You mean nothing to us dead.

Please post an app on our forums or whisper MCPoof or Pyriana in-game for more information. Private apps through the front page of our website will also be accepted.