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04-17-2010, 02:22 AM
I'm fairly new to tanking and I want to get serious about tanking daily heroics. I currently have a DK DW/frost off spec but want to change to whatever the current best spec is (I believe it's DW/blood, not sure). Could someone please point me towards a good guide, build and rotation to start me off on my path to learning tanking. Thank you

04-17-2010, 03:20 AM
Satorri's Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking (http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?59900-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Death-Knight-Tanking)

04-17-2010, 06:13 AM
When starting to tank heroics I would recomend frost instead of blood since the AoE threat comes much easier (very seldom any need to switch targets even if your dps cant agree on which mob to kill first). After having assembled enough tanking gear to do HCs the only real way to learn is to practise over and over. A big part of tanking well is knowing how the different mobs/fights work and what the possible risks in each are.

04-17-2010, 08:46 AM
THE best way to learn how to tank is to level that class in tank spec in instances and learn each new ability as its uses as you get them. Failing that, all the information you need has already been posted :P

04-17-2010, 09:20 AM
Leaving aside the emotive subject of which basic spec the best way is, as others have said, practice but try and avoid the bored healer and impatient DPS infested LFG and go with guildies; you'll enjoy it more and are far more likely to receive help and understanding. Even better if one your guildies is a tank with a DPS offspec get them to come with you.

Whilst you can learn all the theory you need by reading, and Satorri's guide is a masterpiece, nothing beats practice and actually knowing the encounters/pull strategies. I played ranged and melee DPS before I tanked and despite running all the 5 man instances many, many times I didn't really know them until I tanked them - your perception of each will change dramatically.

04-18-2010, 02:01 AM
Here's a general tip: let people know your new to tanking. They're less likely to abuse you for making mistakes (key words "less likely")

If they do abuse you, ignore them and do your best :)

Good luck

04-19-2010, 05:30 AM
Thank you all for being so helpful.