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04-16-2010, 10:26 PM

<Progenitus> on Rexxar is looking for devoted raiders interested in improving the core of a guild already pushing for top rankings on the server.

**NOTICE** Progenitus is a recently established guild, the core is being improved with additional strong players.. **NOTICE**

<Progenitus> is a new guild formed on the Rexxar-PvE server. The founder is a serious raider with experience in every WotLK fight and kills up to 12/12 with 1/12 ICC25 Hard Modes, and 12/12 with 7/12 ICC10 Hard Modes. We are forming and hand selecting our guild roster with raiders of the highest level of commitment and skill available.

Leadership has experience and kills in nearly every encounter this expansion, including Lich King down in both 10 and 25man so Hard Modes will be unlocked as soon as the guild is ready. GM has also been in several top 200 guilds, giving experience of what is required to reach such a level.

We are 2/12 in HM ICC10 and 10/12 ICC25 in 2.5 weeks of raiding as a guild and 1 week of 25mans.
We also have several members who have begun ranking in the top 100 dps/hps/tps in the world on World of Logs and will continue to do so as we continue to progress.

What <Progenitus> expects from you:
1. Attendance
This is the most important part of <Progenitus>. ALL raiders are expected to show up to raid, ready to go, as close to 100% of the time as possible. Raiders are also expected to be outside the instance repaired and ready to go before invites go out and stay until raid time is over.

2. Skill
The second most important part of a raider in <Progenitus>. ALL raiders are required to be able to move out of fire and other raid awareness mechanics.

3. Devotion
Recruits and raiders are expected to do the maximium they can before raid. This includes, but is not limited to: gems, flasks, food, and enchants. Members are expected to read theorycraft on their class, carry a raidable offspec if possible, and prepare to the best of their ability.

4. Maturity
Members are required to maintain a relatively low profile on the server. This includes, but is not limited to no ninjaing, flaming, guild, vent, or trade drama, or any other activity which would impact the guild and the guild tag in a negative way.

What you can expect from <Progenitus>:
1. Attendance, Skill, and Devotion
Since those three attributes are required, you will be raiding with other like-minded players who are also willing to put forth time and effort for the betterment of the guild.

2. Experience
With a guild full of players who exemplify the three ideals above, progression WILL happen. You will be able to see all the fights while they are current content, and help the guild to push through them and onto the next fight.

3. Fun
A lot of guilds forget that this is a game. With our relatively minimal raid schedule there will be plenty of time for activities outside of raid, both in-game in RL. Raiders share the same goals and desires in-game.

4. Discounts
All members of sufficient rank and above enjoy heavily discounted flasks, pots, enchanting mats, and other raid consumables. Raiders also get full guild paid repairs on progression nights.

Current Needs
Healer Medium
Balance Druid VERY HIGH
Elemental Shaman VERY HIGH
Tank with DPS offspec Medium

**If you are not one of the classes we are looking for but think you are an above average player capable of taking a raid spot from one of our members please put in an application.

25man Raid Times:
Monday 8-11 CST
Tuesday 8-11 CST
Wednesday 8-11 CST
Thursday 8-11 CST

10mans TBD

If you have any more questions or are interested find Babylonius, Lives, Fej, Ekoe or Leonidás(ALT-160) in-game, or put in an application on our website: progenitus.guildlaunch.com or email; progenitusguild@gmail.com