View Full Version : Tanking Warrior tanking advice - Gear, talents, gemming, etc.

04-16-2010, 06:47 AM

Fairly new to serious tanking and currently OT for ICC10 with my guild - first four bosses and Festergut at the moment with no problems but would like to progress (in ICC25 as well).

Just really looking for some tweaking on my talents, gem advice, enchants and maybe any specific gear I have missed in ToC/ToCG or from ICC I should be aiming for?

All help and advice gratefully received!

04-16-2010, 07:18 AM
Improved Revenge got buffed like you would not believe. Get it.

You also should probably choose between 5/5 Shield Spec and 0/3 Focused Rage, or 2/5 Shield Spec or 3/3 Focused Rage. The former gives you 3% more block (a small amount of mitigation), the latter gives you a higher Heroic Strike uptime (more threat). Pick which one you need more.

I'd also recommend the Shield Wall glyph, especially since you're specced into Improved Disciplines. Having that on a 2-minute cooldown is fantastic.

Get Glyph of Indomitability with your Triumph badges to replace one of your Brewfest trinks. It's a solid amount of EH with a decent clicky effect, I would only swap it out for magic bosses (Sindragosa, or that guy in Vault for example).

As far as stuff from ToC, you really need a new weapon and shield. There are both in ToC 10 (and a shield in ToC 25), there is also a nice tanking sword in H PoS that I can see you're after (hehe, in your stalker bar it says "30 Scourgelord Tyrannus kills Heroic Pit of Saron", you have horrible luck :-( ). However there is also a nice tank mace from Marrowgar 10 and a nice shield from Lootship 10, so going back to ToC is pretty optional. Your current gear is good enough for the content you're doing.

Nitpick: Skinning is not much of a tank profession. If you're serious about min/maxing, drop it for something else. Mining, or any crafting profession but Tailoring (or arguably Inscription) are good choices - Engineering stands out a bit because it gives you armor instead of stam.