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04-16-2010, 04:44 AM
Had malygos as our weekly raid yesterday and i knew we would be in for some fun, as its only a very casual raiding guild

spent the good part of yesterday revising tactics and spent a lot of time before the raid making sure people understood

first 2 attemps a healer got cleaved phase 1 and dps aggroed mobs phase 2 and got 1 shotted.

attempts 3 and 4 we make it to phase 3 with about 5 people and generally dead within 10 seconds due to lack of heals/dps

attempts 5-6 we made it to phase 3 but peoples shear lack of ability to A follow someone
B strafe and press buttons ment that we hit the enrage

attempt 7 i made everyone / follow me and we take him down no trouble at all....

needless to say i was a pateint and polite RL :P
anyway my point really is alot of raids where we need to move as a whole group we really seem to struggle with...anyone else have this?

04-16-2010, 05:13 AM
The malygos fight is kinda unique in phase 3 in that you suddenly have to think and move in 3 dimensions, it's probably my least favourite phase of any boss in wotlk. All of a sudden it removes the ground and makes you need to get oriented with the rest of the group in 3 dimensions instead of 2, and also replaces your action bars with a load of new abilities that need a moment to familiarise yourself with (even if you do the daily, the first time you see it at malygos still takes some getting used to.). I'm glad blizzard learnt and didnt put anything else like that in following raids.

As to your original question, everyone will struggle with p3 maly when you're new to it so don't worry. In other raids.. the more you raid with the same people the more you get used to how they play. A good synergy while raiding will just come naturally so long as people do their best and are having a good time while raiding.

04-16-2010, 08:54 AM
Kudos! Seven attempts to a kill in this fight is good for a team that has never been there or hasn't been there in a while. Malygos is a control fight in all of the phases. Phase one you need to control the boss and the sparks; Phase two you control the adds and the bubbles; and Phase three you control the movement of the raid as a unit. A team that can learn and execute that is a good team to build upon.