View Full Version : US [H] US-Feathermoon (RP) - Recruiting Holy Pally and Warlock for ICC25

04-15-2010, 11:22 PM
Hail Raiders of the Horde,

Are you looking to join a 25-man raid?
Are you also looking for a highly-prepared, super-efficient, no-B.S. (but still have time for your outside life) type of raid?
Are you looking to have some FUN? all the while destroying encounters S.o.C. Style?!?

If you answered "YES" to these questions look no further, because Shadows of Chaos is currently recruiting solid and reliable raiders for their weekly 25-man ICC raid! (see details)

From SoC you can expect two things: professionalism and respect from all our officers and member... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!**

So what are you waiting for - visit our forums at http://www.shadowsofchaos.com/forums and apply.

Don't wait too long because positions are limited,

- Mathios
Raid Leader

P.S. We are now 7/12 bosses down

Current raiding schedule is Sunday's at 6:45PM PST(ST) to 11:00PM PST(ST) with invites at 6:30PM PST(ST)

As of right now (04/15/2010), We are looking for the following to fill a regular position:

Holy Pally
Affliction or Demo Warlock

-- All DPS Positions will need to be able to pull 7.5K DPS or more in a Stand-and-Nuke style fight (Festergut-25) ---

We are also looking to fill our sub roster with quality raiders of any Ranged/Caster DPS or healing classes that can meet the the raids minimum gear standard (Item Level 232 and up)