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04-15-2010, 04:49 AM
I have just re-specced my pally into tanking. I have been given alot of slack that i am using the wrong gear, but noone is willing to tell me what i need.

I know i need defence and stamina, but what else do i need? and mainly what shud i stay away from... eg spell power?

Thanks for your help

oh and im only lvl 71 at the moment

04-15-2010, 06:03 AM
O glad you could join us in the tanking community to start at 70 there is a fantastic crafted set that requires around 2 stacks of cobalt bars lets have a look.
http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=39086:39085:39084:39083:39087:41974: 39088:41975
simply click on each peice to have a look at it
plus there is a sheild
There is a trinket from a questchain in netherstorm that will take you maybe 20 minutes to get if you can get a buddy to help you grab it (or tip an 80 like 40g in trade chat)
Weapon wise go with any northrend weapon thats got some stam on it (check the auction house for items that require level 70 or more and say of the champion)
Rings and necks just roll with some that have stam and your cloak is a hard one to get as well just find an of the stamina one and you'll be good to go.

As for stats to aim for, Stam>Def(till the tooltip says reduces chance to be crittically hit by 5.6% or more)>Dodge>parry>blockrating>Str>agility
i listed them all as you seem pretty new i will be nice
thats your rotation

Just aim for alot of stam and holding threat as a pallidan, dont go out of your way for it but, if you can maintain enough defense rating to be crit immune you will find yourself living even with terrible healers.\

Anything else i can do for you let me know

04-16-2010, 03:43 AM
Eh, for leveling just grab what you can. Like the other poster mentioned, there is a very inexpensive set of crafted gear you can easily afford. As you level up, look into the crafted Tempered Saronite set as well, and there are a few other crafted pieces available at 78 (Daunting I think they're called).

Aim for defense and stamina first, dodge and parry next, then strength/hit/expertise also (for threat). Block is decent as well but nothing to really seek out. If you can't find a piece with "tank" stats on it, agility gives you a nice chunk of dodge and a small amount of armor (and a decent amount of crit for threat).

Once you hit 80, your very first priority is to get to 535 defense for 5-mans, and 540 for raiding. These numbers ensure that you are uncrittable. After that, all the previous stats are very useful, it's hard to point out an exact order of what you need. You need enough threat stats (strength, hit, and expertise - block value is nice for single-target threat as well) to hold aggro, you need enough stamina and armor to withstand some blows, you need enough avoidance (dodge and parry - block rating is decent but nothing to seek out) to reduce the overall damage you take.

All the tanking guides will tell you 'stam stam stam' - this is because all the gearing guides are aimed towards raiders, where stam truly is king. For a fresh 80, you will want to seek out a mix of threat, stam/armor (collectively known as Effective Health, or EH for short), and avoidance. When I was first gearing up my warrior, I gemmed purple and green gems in every slot. Some were hit/stam, some were exp/stam, some were dodge/stam, some were defense/stam.